Monday, June 1, 2015

Summer Bucket List

(Destin, FL 2012)
Kevin and I finally sat down and wrote out all the things we'd like to do this month.  This definitely seemed more fun than working on a giant to do list :)  Obviously our summer will be filled with practical things like potty training (any and all tips would be VERY WELCOME!!), packing, prepping for a garage sale, cleaning and moving, but all that won't stop us from having FUN.  Here's what we're hoping to get to do for the next few months:

Our Summer 2015 FUN List
1. Get snow cones
2. Check out some new parks with playgrounds
3. Try new restaurants in our area 
and eat out our favorite spots in MS
4. Take Olive to The Children's Museum
5. Head to the beach once or twice
6. Squeeze in a Mississippi road trip
7. Grill out several times each week 
& try new grilling recipes
8. Let Olive play in the water as much as possible - her pool, water table, outdoor sink, sprinkler and a big pool.
9. Have a garage sale - making money will be fun :)
10. Read for fun
11. Head to Indiana for a visit
12. Date Nights at home with special food - cheese plates, ribeyes or a fun dessert
13. Figure out a summer story time to attend
14. Exercise together
15. Plan play dates or lunch dates with friends
16.  Donut dates
17.  Celebrate Kevin's birthday in July
18. Make cookies for our neighbors
19. Celebrate our 11th anniversary
20. Decorate Kevin's new office at ISU

What's on your Summer Bucket List?

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  1. Sounds like a fun summer list! I would love to come up with some fun things to do myself!

  2. What fun ideas! I love that you're squeezing in time to visit your favorite spots in MS before you move. Isn't it fun making a FUN to do list?? :)

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  3. What a great list! We REALLY need to get working on ours.

  4. Love your fun summer list! I posted our summer to do list a few weeks back and we are already trying to get it started :) And congrats on your 11th anniversary! We will be celebrating our 8th in July. Time sure does fly by! Hope you have a great weekend coming up!

    Alexis @

  5. I love this! I feel like with work, daycare, and travel - there isn't a ton of time to knock off a whole bucket list. Maybe I should just quit work and play summer all season with Olivia. ;) Sounds like you guys have a great summer planned.


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