Friday, June 5, 2015

The Best Parts

A good week to report at our house.  Nothing super special, but lots of fun moments.
Here are the best moments of the week:

1. I've been on the hunt for a new wallet for ages.  I usually use a wallet until it falls apart so it had been a while since I went wallet shopping.  I found the perfect one at JC Pennys this week.  It's floral, has great organizational systems and holds everything I want without seeming too full.  I had a coupon, plus coupon cash and it was on sale so I paid just $13 for it :)

 2. We had a few house showings this week.  They were our first and I made chocolate chip cookies to make our house smell extra homey and inviting.  I read the tip somewhere that the chocolate chip cookie smell helps a house to sell.  Sounds about right so I'll let you know if it really works :)

3.  I love these Wal-Mart bows for little girls.  They come in so many patterns and colors.  The best part is that they are only $1.  Olive wears them often and they are such a good size.  Do yourself a favor and pick some up today.  They have several new patterns for summer.  I couldn't resist the watermelon & cherries.

4. I did a birthday recap on Olive's Some Bunny is Turning TWO party this week.
I loved how everything came together and the bunny theme was so sweet.
You can read about her bunny party here

5. We've been enjoying our backyard - swinging, Olive got a water table for her birthday and we grilled out several times this week.  I think my favorite meal was BBQ chicken, corn on the cob and watermelon.  Hello Summer!!  My first attempt at a garden is going really well.  We have veggies popping up everywhere.  Are you growing any fruits or veggies right now?

Hope you have a great weekend :) Thanks for stopping by my blog. 


  1. I love your week recaps! What a great week. That wallet is awesome - I'm going to look at JCP! And I'm so impressed with your veggie garden. It sounds like Olive's party was a success! I'm off to read those blog posts now... :-)

  2. Looks like a really great week!

  3. I love that wallet! I need to find one that can fit my cards (mostly rewards types) and my phone. I don't know why, but it's a struggle to find a phone case that holds more than 3-4 cards.

  4. We have a huge garden. Thankfully my Dad does the heavy lifting. We have been picking cucumbers and squash. Yesterday we pulled up some tators. Soon the garden is going to be overflowing. My Dad grows just about everything so it is really nice.

  5. That watermelon bow is too cute! Those cookies look so delicious...I love M&M cookies! Great job on the party, the little cotton tails on the cups is a genius idea!

  6. Look at your green peppers!! Way to go! Love your wallet - it's so pretty and what a great deal you got on it! I saw another blogger mention those $1 hair bows today. They are super cute! It's hard to find inexpensive bows in the South, at least the places I looked. I might pick up some of those for my niece. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  7. Looks like Miss Olive had a fantastic birthday. I loved the Bunny Theme. I've been wanting to get Raylan a water table too. Those cookies look delicious!

  8. Are those mini m&ms or regular in your cookies? Milk or dark? They look delicious! We have a million of those bows. Shockingly, they stay in Olivia's fine hair. I usually grow herbs, tomatoes, and peppers, but we just never got around to it this year.


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