Thursday, June 4, 2015

Some Bunny Loves Her Family

We got to see a lot of family and friends on our quick trip to Indiana.
Olive loved chasing her cousins around and is starting to learn their names.
Eleanor wins the prize for being the first cousin Olive can name.
She calls her El-nor and she asks for her all the time.
It's adorable.

My brother's girls:
Olive + "El-Nor" on a lunch date
 Addison, El-Nor and Olive at her party

 Church and Mexican with my sister's kiddos:
Giving hugs to Allie, Hayden + Krissy
Austin was still finishing his dinner so he missed our silly photo shoot

We had a fun birthday dinner get together with Kevin's side of the family and the GIANT frisbee was a huge hit with all the kids.  Uncle Eric started throwing it and then Olive took over.  She didn't want to share and her sweet cousins let her be bossy since she was the bday girl.
 The weather was perfection and we spent the entire evening in the backyard.
Olive wasn't sure about her birthday serenade, but she loved the treats :)

 Addison, Ella and John Paul are always so sweet to Olive.
She's lucky to be the baby cousin to these cute kiddos.


  1. Oh I just love that first picture of her so much! She is so sweet!

  2. I saw one of those huge frisbees and I thought about getting Jack one. I think this post has convinced me. We have a lot of room for it like y'all did in these pictures. I'm glad y'all had a great time with family.

  3. How fun! Love that she has so many kids to play with.


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