Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Some Bunny is Turning TWO

Some Bunny is Turning TWO was the theme for Olive's party this year!!
Bun-Bun was happy to make an appearance at the party.

We had a great birthday lunch at my parent's house to celebrate Olive turning TWO.  My siblings and their families came along with some friends.  Olive had a blast, loved getting to see everyone and the whole thing went great.  

We had bunny tailed cups, fresh flowers and LOTS of bunnies!

We continued her birthday book tradition with Bunny Roo, I Love You - it's adorable and I love seeing signatures of everyone we love along with Olive's 2 year old hand print inside the cover.

 We served pulled pork, rolls and tons of sides.
I pulled out all of my Easter bunnies to use as decorations for the party.

I made funfetti cupcakes for dessert
and my mom and I collaborated on bunny/2 sugar cookies.

 My sister surprised me by making these adorable Some Bunny is TWO bunny cookies.  
They were adorable and delicious!!

I had my mom pick up some tiny chocolate bunnies from a local candy shop back at Easter time because I knew these classic candies would be perfect for Olive's party.

 All of the plates, silverware and cups were from Target.
The napkins were an Easter find at TJ Maxx & Marshalls.

Thanks to my sister for taking pictures for me during the party :)
 Olive loved opening her gifts this year.
She looked at her cards, ripped open the paper
and wanted to play with each thing instead of moving on to open all of her gifts.
 We had fun just watching her having fun :)

 Time for cake!!
 She wasn't sure what to think of all the singing...

My Mom always does a birthday board for the birthday girl.
I was happy with how my HBD banner turned out, but it didn't photograph great.

 I wish I'd taken more pictures of the people at the party...
Jacque + fam made it and we were honored to be Scarlett's first bday party :)

Olive with her Mimi & Papaw

She loved played with her cousins and being the center of attention.
 Olive napped for three hours after her party and had a blast!!


  1. I love the bunny cups! Too cute! Looks like Olive had a blast at her party.

  2. LOVE! Those bunny tail cups are too cute! I love the birthday book idea - that really makes a special gift she will treasure. You did a great job of stocking up and planning ahead (not that I'm surprised, ha!) with all the bunny items. Thanks for the party recap!

  3. Everything looked so great! I loved that y'all were wearing floral. All those goodies look so sweet. I know you are crazy busy with getting ready to move so I'm glad y'all had this time to spend for her birthday.

  4. Such a sweet little party and I OBSESSED with the bunny cups...cutest darn thing I have ever seen!!!!!

  5. If you don't want to go back to teaching, you have a solid career path in party planning. This is seriously adorable.

  6. Oh my gosh this was perfect!! I love the cotton tail cups! And all of those sweet bunny cookies. What a perfect party - and I know Olive loved it!


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