Monday, June 29, 2015

Favorite Summer Shoes

My favorite shoes for summer are Saltwater Sandals.
They are cute, comfy and last forever.
I've had my red pair for 8ish years and they still look brand new.  I've worn them everywhere, gotten them wet and they still look great.  

The sizing is a little strange.
I wear a 7 in Saltwaters and a 9 in other brands so be sure to check the size chart.
They are $40 with free shipping on mysaltwatersandals

Olive had fuscia Saltwaters last summer and they were adorable.
They come in all colors for girls and boys.
We went with Sea Wees this year and have loved them.
They are super cute, durable and look great after wearing them daily.
I bought Olive's off of e-bay this year and they have been great.
I paid around $15 and would definitely buy gently used Sea Wees in the future.

I'd love to have the navy ones, brown ones or the gold.
I'd also love to have matching sandals with Olive one summer.

What shoes do you wear the most in the summer?
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  1. I'm so looking forward to buying Vivian her first pair of Saltwater sandals!:) So cute!

  2. Those are cute! I am in need of some cute, comfy, dressy summer shoes! Especially for work...

  3. Oh my gosh baby shoes are the cutest! Especially for little girls.

  4. That orange color is so cute! I love Jack Rogers. They're definitely worth the money.

  5. We are Saltwater fans here too! We have white, gold & yellow for this summer!

  6. So cute I have never heard of Saltwater sandals. Matching sandals... oh you must!


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