Thursday, June 25, 2015

Great Eats in Naples

I'm normally pretty good about taking food pictures at new restaurants we try so that I can share them with you, but this trip not so much.  Olive proved to be super clingy at meal times when we were out so I held her through the entire meal.  She was happy, colored on the kids menu and we shared a plate.  It wasn't ideal, but it worked out just fine.

We ate earlier dinners and lunches to accommodate nap/bed times
and found several great restaurants to try.

Ranked in order of favorites.
#1 Tommy Bahamas
My FIL said this was his favorite restaurant and it quickly became ours too.  The atmosphere was great, the staff was so sweet and it was really a whole experience to eat there.  I'd highly recommend their crab cakes, their bread is made in the shape of a star fish, everyone loved their meals and drink.  The dessert was amazing - we all shared key lime pie and a chocolate mousse cake.  We were stuffed when we left, but it was worth it.  There weren't many other kids here so Olive got the royal treatment - an umbrella in her drink, lots of attention from the waitstaff, live music she danced to and clapped for and the place was loud enough that any kid noise was drowned out.
 Olive discovered lemonade this trip.
I always order her water and then she'd saw puh-wease have a sip to my lemonade.
#2 Mr. Tequilla
A delicious mexican restaurant with great food.  They serve multi-colored chips with the best queso I've ever eaten.  Their food was so fresh and REALLY good.  We all cleaned our plates and can't wait to go back.

#3  The Pool Grill
The grill in the community my in-laws live.
You can't beat a restaurant that's poolside, has a great view 
and is walking distance from your house.
Their burgers were great, sweet potato fries, quesadillas and salads were all tasty.

#4 Pinchers
A restaurant in Tin City on the water.
Great crab cakes and kids eat free with an adult meal purchase.

#5 The Dock
 An older restaurant on the water surrounded by tons of boats.
No air conditioning, but great food and great staff.

#6 Dunkin Donuts & Perkins
yummy chains that did not disappoint.
Kevin suggests the french toast pancakes


  1. Yum! I love trying new places when we travel. That donut looks picture perfect. And you made me miss Perkins! We had one in the town where I grew up and they had a chicken club sandwich that I LOVED.

  2. I love trying new restaurants. And I love putting them in the blog (although I forget most of the time) because I can go back and remember what we liked after the trip. I need your restaurant tips with a two year old. Olivia was always so great at restaurants - but shes been much less interested in food - and can eat quickly that we used to buy a whole hour just feeding her. Now she's "all done" about 5 minutes into getting there and will not sit still.


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