Monday, June 29, 2015

Fun in the Sun: Naples' Beaches

We went to the beaches in Naples two times during our week there 
and they were amazing (minus the abundance of men in speedos - haha).
The water is lovely.
They were not crowded.
Not tons of kids.
Shells galore.  Friendly starfish.
Warm waters.
Clean and clear water.
Really easy beach access - 
pay to park on the street and walk 100 yards to your chair son the beach 
(I had to ask my husband that :)

Our days in picture overload.
Feel free to skim :)

 DAY 1
Olive loved the sand and the waves.
We brought toys for her to play with and she loved collecting shells.
I'd find them and she'd throw them back.

I brought sunnies and a big hat for her to keep her face from getting burned.  She didn't care for the sunnies, but loved the hat.  She wore it the whole time and didn't get burned at all.  Her swimsuit was also great for protecting her from the sun.  A week in Florida and she didn't get burned once.  Hooray!

 We built the castles and she stomped them flat.
She thought it was hilarious.  It was quite entertaining.

 DAY 2
Another fun day in the sand

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  1. So cute! My family wants to do a beach vacation next year, and I'll definitely need my big hat! I want to see if I can find those bathing suits with long sleeves cause otherwise I'd burn real quick!

  2. Aww, I enjoyed your pictures! And way to go keeping Olive from getting sunburned! I've heard that putting sunblock on toddlers isn't always easy. :) Naples is so beautiful (minus all the people in Speedos LOL).

  3. Those beaches are so gorgeous!

  4. Gorgeous beach and such a cutie pie!!! Thanks for linking up!

  5. That monogrammed suit again! That beach is beautiful! And so funny that you guys found a star fish. Glad you take so many pictures - you'll cherish these!


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