Monday, June 15, 2015

What's in My POOL Bag?

Heading to the pool looks different now that I'm a mom.  

I used to pack my pool bag full of magazines, books to read and my ear buds to listen to my latest playlists.  Now, my bag is overflowing with fun things and things a toddler would love.  It makes me happy to have a bag full of goodies for Olive to enjoy so I hardly even miss the me time.  I figure she'll only be little for a little while so I'm soaking up the pool toys and snacks while they last.

Here's what's in my pool bag:
For myself:
sun screen
phone & portable charger
ziploc bags to keep things dry
granola bars
cute Vera bag
*not pictured must haves* Water bottle and kleenexes

For Olive:
water toys (squirt, ball, diving sticks, cups)
a few swim diapers
wet wipes
snacks - fruit snacks, granola bars, goldfish and pretzels
*not pictured must haves* toddler raft, water bottle

We both wear our suits to the pool with water shoes.
I try to have her wear a sun hat or sunnies.
I make sure to apply both of our sunscreen BEFORE we arrive at the pool.
I try to plan our pool time for early in the day because it's cooler, she swims all morning and then takes a great afternoon nap.

Are there any pool essentials I missed?

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  1. Thanks so much for linking up! We love all of your pics and that bag is too cute!

  2. We need all the snacks in our pool bag too! We found the Annie's ones and they've been a big hit!

  3. We have so many toys. When we first took her she was so jealous of the other kids toys and her face was so sad when I wouldn't let her play with them. Now other kids steal her toys and we lose them - but thats why I buy dollar store or walmart. Water bottles and snacks are huge. Olivia wont do a floaty, but she's a little fish in the water so I'm cool with that - will make it easier to teach her how to swim. Don't forget a beer or mix drink for mama!


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