Thursday, June 18, 2015


I realized that I never did a birthday recap from Olive's real birthday.  We spent the entire day at home and I planned all of her favorite things - activities, food and fun.  It was super low key and she had the best day.

She woke up to presents and we went to our favorite donut shop.
She loves the chocolate + sprinkled glazed donuts
with a side of birthday noise makers.

 It's worth noting that at TWO she's got a pretty cute pony tail.
We lounged around all morning watching Daniel Tiger, snuggling 
and playing with her new toys.

 I made her an easy lunch of TWOS with things we had in the fridge.
She thought the variety was fun.

 I whipped up some funfetti cupcakes during nap time.
I love doing a boxed cake mix + homemade icing.
Super easy, delicious and super cheap to make.

We played outside, picked flowers and got out her water table.

 She LOVED it right away.
She splished and splashed until we pulled the plug.
 She splashed her toys and herself.

 She seems to have more fun pulling out tissue paper than unwrapping gifts so I went the easy route on her gifts and put them all in bags.  Tissue paper was flying and the bubble bath was very interesting.

We had a wonderful day with just the three of us.
She has a blast and even figured out how to blow out her own candle.
I can already tell that TWO is going to be a FUN year.


  1. So cute! I love the idea of the two's lunch.

  2. Olive has excellent taste in donuts. She and I have an increasingly large amount of things in common, haha.

  3. What a wonderful birthday! Olivia is obsessed with her water table. It's the only way to play outside in this heat. Also, Olive's favorite donuts are my favorite donuts.


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