Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Bunny Favors

I don't think favors are a party must,
but they certainly are fun to give out to kids who come to your birthday party.
I wanted to do a mix of edible and fun things without breaking the bank.

I picked out some of Olive's favorite things to put together in favors for her little cousins/friends at her party.  I started shopping back at Easter to pick up some bunny things on sale and then added in other things as her party got closer.  I had her help me make the tags.  She LOVED painting so it worked out perfectly.

Annie's cheddar bunny crackers
Annie's bunny gummies
Bunny PEZ dispensers
and tiny flutes

Pipe cleaner bunny whiskers on a cellophane bag

I freehanded some bunnies for her to paint.
We did one color at a time and used glitter paint from The Dollar Tree.
I let them dry overnight and then attached them to the tag.

 I almost forgot to pass them out at the end of her party 
because we were having such a good time :)


  1. The pipe cleaner whisters are the cutest freaking things ever! I love that you involved Olive in the process.

  2. Cute cute cute!! I love party favors too. They don't have to be expensive for the kiddos to enjoy them. Love how Olive gave everyone some personalized artwork too :) Adorable!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  3. So, so cute! You did an amazing job on her party! I just love that you involved her too. Good job mama!

  4. What a cute favor! Annies is our favorite.


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