Monday, June 22, 2015

Never Have I Ever...

I've seen some fun blog prompts floating around lately
and wanted to join in.

Never Have I Ever...

ordered a coke at a restaurant.

considered quitting my blog since I started in 2011.

met a polka-dot I didn't like.

forgotten to RSVP for an event.

had a green thumb until this summer.

gone on a trip without making a list.

considered myself a dog person.

loved getting pedicures.

imagined we'd live in Utah, Arkansas, Mississippi 
& back to Indiana in our 11 years of marriage.

enjoyed riding a ride.

What about YOU??


  1. I've never considered quitting my blog....not a dog person...I hate pedicures and I don't do rides. :) And of course I don't go on a trip without making a can anyone survive without first doing so? :)

  2. Yeah I'm not a dog person either! No plans to quit the blog and no green thumb. I do love the occasional coke though :)

  3. I HATE getting pedicures too! Just the thought makes me shiver, haha. But I am a dog person ;) Loved this idea for a post!

  4. Who goes on a trip without a list?? That would be just silly :) And if we're talking about regular Coke vs. Diet Coke, then I've never ordered that too. Unless you're talking Southern "Coke" which is just universal for any drink... which still confuses me. But I get weird looks for saying "pop". Sigh... drink problems.

    But what a fun post!!! I love these random fact type ones!
    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  5. I hate pedicures too!! I think people think its a weird thing. I just get a change of polish if they are doing my toes.


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