Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Friends of Suzy

A few months ago I won a contest for a free
FRIENDS OF SUZY doll for Olive!!

I couldn't wait to order one for her birthday.
I'd been admiring these custom dolls for a long time
and I was so excited to make one for Olive.

I selected Josie
I picked out her pants, dress, hair color, skin color and eye color.
Olive's favorite part are the shoes.
None of her other dolls wear shoes so she's constantly talking about the shoes.

I love telling Olive that her doll has the same eyes, hair and skin color as her.
She's so well made and is just perfect for little girls.

Proof of Olive's love for her new doll:

The shop is darling and you're sure to find a doll perfect for your little one.


  1. How sweet! It is hard to find nice, "normal" dolls any more! I love to see little girls playing with and loving on their baby dolls. :)

  2. That is super cute!


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