Monday, June 8, 2015

Olive @ 23-24 Months

Olive just turned two so this will be my last round of documenting her growth by month.  I envision sharing funny stories and other milestones randomly as they come up instead of monthly updates.  She's changed so much in these last two months!!  She makes us laugh and It really is exciting to be able to have conversations with her.

2 year well check:
weight: 29 lbs (74%)
height: 36 in (92%)
head: 50 cm (92%)

NEW WORDS SHE'S SAYING - lots of phrases!
How you doing?
What you doing?
Where you going?
Well... before any of her answers
I feel better
I feel sad
I'm mad
I sure
Wiscious = Delicious
Hold you mama
Dinner please
Sippy Please
I wuv you mama
Brushy ma teeth
Where's _________?
Time to pray.
Dear God... Fank you... Amen.
Fank you = thank you
You're welcome
Kinda cozy
Wuggle Me = snuggle me
Drive please.
Just a minute
Dinner time
Do me favor
My favorite
Dr. Anna gives shot
Naming all the animals & their sounds
I don't wike it
No fank you = No thank you
Shapes: tree-angle, circle, oval, diamond
Colors: yeh-woah, pink, purple, green

She's a daredevil at the playground.  She'll grab the hand of brand new friends and follow them up to the slides.  She wants us to push her on the swings and chase her around.

She is a pretty good eater, but the food on my plate is always more enticing than her own.

Olive still thinks Daniel Tiger is the best thing ever.  She's learned the character's name and is starting to repeat phrases from the show.

She still loves art supplies - stickers, pens, painting, play dough and anything crafty.

Outside is her favorite place to be.  She loves digging in the dirt, helping me water flowers, holding the hose for me as I water and picking our flowers.

She loves pizza and would eat it for every meal.

Olive has started to request hugs, kisses and muggas (nose rubs)
She will say No Fank You when we ask her to do something she doesn't want to do.  It's time for bed, Olive.  No Fank You.

She knows what she wants.  She'll grab my hand, lead me into the "chitchen" and request a specific snack.  Cheese crackers please.  Pretzels mama.  Fishies puh-wease.

Olive loves to read books and has favorites that we read over and over.  I catch her sitting and reading to herself.  She talks through the books and is retelling her version of the story based on her memory of it and the pictures.  It's adorable to see her becoming a little reader.

We painted her toenails for the first time.  She loves it and often comments how pretty her toes look.  She rarely sits still, but she will sit still for me to paint her toes.

She can catch and throw a ball. 

Olive loves her baby dolls.  She's very interested in taking care of them - feeding, putting diapers on, rocking, holding and putting them to sleep in their crib.  She will bring me her babies and say: Baby cwying, she's hun-ga-wee, Baby sad, baby sweepy, etc.

FAVORITE SHOTS from 23/24 Months:

 It's good to be TWO :)


  1. "Kinda cozy" and "Just a minute." That's adorable!

  2. She's my kinda gal if she wants to eat pizza for every meal. Hehe. My niece doesn't sit still for long, but I painted her toes yesterday. And she would say "chitchen" too. Last I knew she was 2 & I blinked and now she's almost 4. Enjoy her littleness!

  3. aww, she is the SWEETEST little thing! The "hold you mama" got me every time with my two. I love that she says no thank you to things she doesn't want to do. You must have to keep from laughing all day long!

    p.s. how's the house showing going? Praying for y'all.

  4. Adorable! Don't you just love the love for reading?? It makes me smile every time.And I love that she's grabbing you by the hand to show you things - how sweet!!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  5. Such a sweetie! I am loving those moccasins too. It's crazy how quickly 2 gets here and the month to month counting goes away :(.

  6. So you're raising Joey Tribbiani. And her mean mug knocking on the door is still my fave.

  7. I love that she's so polite to say "no fank you." And she's so sweet to her baby dolls!


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