Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Rose - Thorn - Unicorn

We have dinner together almost every night.  It's important to us and it's a constant in our days.  

We started something new at dinner time.

Rose - Thorn - Unicorn

Let me explain.

My friend Erin shared this idea on social media and I loved it.  

At dinner time you ask your family to share the Rose - Thorn - Unicorn of their days.  


Rose = Something great

Thorn = Something hard

Unicorn = Something surprising

We've shared our highs and lows of our days before, but I thought these 3vprompts would help the kids share unique things and we'd have some good conversations from them.  My guess was right.  The kids share the funniest things for their unicorns.  They share stories that they may not have otherwise and it's been a fun way to spice up our dinner conversation.  Kevin and I join in and we all share our rose-thorn-unicorns from the day.

Sometimes the kids will say things like: It's lunch time and I already have my unicorn!  Or come home from school and say things like: My thorn happened at school today.

What does your family talk about at dinner time?  

We have gone through phases with educational place mats - ABCs, telling time, United States Maps, etc.  Now we're doing rose-thorn-unicorn.  It's something fun to look forward to every day.


  1. We love doing Rose and's quite a tradition. The unicorn is a fun addition!

  2. That is so fun and a great way to get them talking!

  3. That's so cute! We do our "favorite part of the day" but we might have to graduate to the rose/thorn/unicorn as they get a bit older! ;)


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