Friday, May 14, 2021

Friday Faves

Happy Friday!  It felt like a long week over here for some reason.  The weather was gorgeous, we had lots of fun and we are ready for the weekend - date night, birthday parties and cookies!  Fletcher found $20 in the street, Olive was excited to learn that she gets to keep her school computer over the summer and I'm LOVING watching Virgin River.  Have you seen it??  I'm hooked and cheering for Jack & Mel.

Our favorite moments of the week were...

1. Mother's Day festivities

I felt special and extra loved all week long!  And getting an updated pics with kids which is one of my very favorite traditions.

2. Bees!

We were shocked to find a swarm of bees in our yard.  Actually God was looking out for Kevin because he came very very close to mowing over the swarm.  It was on the ground and was about 2 feet wide.  There were SO many bees.  A friend put me in touch with a beekeeper.  He came out right way.  He moved the queen into the box and the bees followed.  The kids were so curious about the bees and our new friend promised to bring us some honey this Fall.

3. Flowers!

We picked out flowers together over the weekend and then we got busy planting this week.  The pots always look a little naked when we first plant them, but they will fill in so nicely in a few weeks.  The kids picked out several new plants.  I'm hoping they all do great at our house.  I'm also hoping they stay excited about watering all our plants.  They are getting better at better at gardening with me.  They even helped me trim up things in our landscaping and pulled weeds.

4.  King Leo

Leo learning the art of furniture climbing this week.  He can get to everything and is very proud about that.  Me, not so much.

5. Nutella - I introduced the kids to Nutella and they're obsessed.  Strawberries are their favorite dippers.

6. Birthdays

We are excited that friend birthday parties are starting back up.  Olive went to a laser tag party and loved the claw game at the arcade.

7. Buggy Beds Bracelets

I picked up these bracelets for the kids in the hopes that it would keep the mosquitoes away from them. I hope they work.  What do you do for mosquito repellent?

8. Backyard Fun

We've been having fun in the backyard with this gorgeous weather.  Leo loves walking all over the yard and the big kids are climbers.  Did you see our fairy garden tour earlier this week?  It turned out so good this year.

 9. Hiking

I took the boys on a hike this week at a local park.  I just love light jacket weather.  It was really beautiful out and Leo got to walk on the trails a bit this time.  

10. Did you know tomorrow is National Chocolate Chip Day?  I've got several Jordan Bakery Box orders to fill this weekend for Hershey Bar Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Yummy!!


I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  

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  1. Those bees! I’ve never seen anything like that! Happy Friday to you all - wish I could eat one of your amazing cookies! :)

  2. Yikes! Those bees... we have found ground wasp nests before (and had a few different occasions where we've had multiple stings after running them over) but nothing quite like that. I used one of those bands myself this week to keep bugs away while hiking because I read that citronella (the main ingredient) also helps keeps ticks away.

  3. WOW Those bees! Glad you were able to find a beekeeper!

  4. I'm so glad Kevin didn't mow over the bees...yikes! Have a wonderful week!


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