Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Olive's 8th Birthday: Let's Pawty!

Olive requested a cat birthday months ago.  Probably right after we got Penny & Pearl.  So I've had cats on my radar for a while.  I always look forward to collecting all the perfect party decorations and activities.  I think she's at the age now where she enjoys party planning almost as much as I do.  She picked out kitty ears for guests, crafts and decor.

I always make the invitations and text them out.  I used the make them, print and mail them, but texting everything out just works better for us.  Then we snail mail out thank you notes to everyone she got a gift from.  We snapped some pictures and had to include the kittens.  Look at these cuties!

Kitty + Rainbow + Ice cream Sprinkle Fun :)

We had a party with Kevin's family first.  We divide up the parties to make sure we get to spend quality time with each side of the family.  It's a lot of work to plan and execute to go parties, BUT I'm always glad I did it.  If we travel, then no one else has to.  They all live close so it's worth it to us for load up our van and go.  We grilled burgers and Kevin's parents are always so nice to help us host.

When the big kids are too busy running around playing, you snap pictures with the baby.

I was really proud of Fletcher.  He was so happy for Olive and handed her all her gifts to open.  He ooohhhed and ahhhhed over all her dolls and girlie things and new bike.  He's the sweetest brother.

We are always thankful when the GREAT grandparents can come... Nana & Olive.

Grandma & Grandpa

The weather was perfect and the sunset went perfectly with our party :)

The next day we did whatever Olive wanted - donuts from her favorite local spot, a trip to browse at Target, walk around the mall, arcade and a party with her cousins on my side.

These 3 pretty girls are all the same age for a few weeks every year.  Olive is the youngest.  And as of Saturday they will all be 8 until July.  They have a ton of fun together.

I couldn't wait to update the cousin line up picture with Leo.  I love this crazy cousin crew!

We skipped the meal and went straight to a giant ice cream sundae buffet.  It was so yummy!

We painted nails.

Opened presents.

Kevin picked out a pinata for the party.  I wasn't so sure about it, but it ended up being one of the highlights of the party.  I should have known - there's a reason we call him the fun one.  We sang to Olive before she took a whack at the pinata.  My brother got it all set up and I jam packed it with candy.

We loved celebrating Olive with our families!

Mimi & Papaw.  Thanks for always helping us host!

It was all hands on deck to wrangle this little cutie.  I appreciated all the extra hands and eyes to keep him out of trouble while we partied.

We made bracelets.

And hung out.

Oh and cat ears for everyone!!  They were so cute.

Olive officially turns 8 on Saturday.  We loved getting to kick off the festivities a little early.  She was so happy with how everything came together.  I'll work on a post with links of anything I can from the party sometime next week :)


  1. Ok, this is the cutest party EVER! :) I love the combo of cats, rainbows, ice cream and all the girly things! Your kids are going to have the best memories of how their mom pulled off marathon birthday party weekends for them. It's so special!

  2. Such a cute party! I absolutely love her invitation!

  3. Such a cute party and a perfect theme for Olive!

  4. Such a cute party idea - looked like a blast! The ice cream bar looked AMAZING!

  5. Happy Birthday to Olive! This is such a cute party idea. Love the ears for everyone and the ice cream bar!!!


  6. This may be your best theme yet! Happy birthday, Olive!


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