Tuesday, May 18, 2021

3 End of the Year Teacher Gift Ideas

Many of you are wrapping up the school year with your kids.  My kids are sort of excited and sort of sad about it.  They've both had great school years, had delays to the start of school and didn't get quite a much school as they were hoping for.  However, they were both learning in person at school since August and October.  I'm so thankful for that when I hear about so many kids still being virtual or not being at school 5 full days a week.

We have 3 teachers to buy for this year so I am always on the hunt for cute, affordable gifts that won't break the bank when I have to buy multiples.

I always check out the clearance at Old Navy at the end of the season for my teacher gift stash.  They've usually got great scarves, bags and accessories.  Then, I look at places like Walmart and Meijer for their seasonal items.  Many of the ideas that I'm going to share come from those stores.

The #1 thing you should do for your child's teacher this year is to write them a thank you note for the things you've appreciated them doing for your child this year.  You can hand write it or email them.  The specific things that you recall from this year will mean the world to them.

I love to add a gift with their end of the year thank you notes.

You can grab a $5 gift card to a local coffee shop, get them a gift card to their favorite restaurant or local place or give them a themed gift.  If you have a bigger budget, splurge on a bigger gift card to Target or the movies or Amazon.  It seems like everyone can find something they would love from Amazon. 

I have 3 easy to replicate teacher gift ideas for you today.

1. Sweet Summertime //

I found these watermelon zipper pouches on clearance at Old Navy a while ago for just $4.99.  They're large, zip closed and seem like a really great quality pouch.  I love them for Summer.  Then I just found these watermelon kitchen towels at Walmart for under $2.  I loved the Sweet Summertime message and the watermelon print.  My kid's teachers will be getting this gift this year.

2. Summer Bag & Accessories //

Pick up a great summer bag to gift to your child's teachers and add in some cute hair ties or Summer bracelets for them.  I love these mesh Summer bags for the pool, ocean or just for Summer errands.  I've got a couple of them that I use all the time.  This bag came from Target.  They seem to update the print and color options every year.

3. Fun Summer Hat & Earrings //

I just picked up this leopard hat at Walmart for $7.98 and I love pairing it with leather earrings.  I'd love to get this gift.  My only warning with this one is to only go this route if you feel like you know your child's teacher's style well.  If you haven't been around them much, it may be tricky to gift them with accessories that fit their personality.  I love the leather earring options and quality from my friend Amber at ADV Designs.  I've been wearing and loving her earrings for years.

As a former teacher, I would have loved any of these gifts.  I hope you find something to give your child's teacher that you know they will love.


  1. LOVE your gift ideas post. Since you were a former grade school teacher, you really know what teachers might want!!!! I personally don't like to eat watermelon (I wish I did, haha, I just don't like melons) but I LOVE decorating with them for summer!!!!

  2. I think its a great idea to write your teachers thank you notes, so I want to thank YOU for the time you met with me concerned about playground teasing. I was grateful for the push to talk to my son about behavior and other people's feelings and felt it provided a learning opportunity instead of a "getting in trouble/punishment" experience. Thanks for handling so well. And would you believe he's substitute teaching right now?! He has a few weeks between college getting out and his internship starting so his wife (who will start her first year of 3rd grade next year!) suggested substituting as a work option and he's really enjoyed it! Can you even think about Fletcher being 23 some day? What a wonderful journey!


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