Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Prime Purchases

I've got some great Amazon purchases to share with you today.  A little bit of everything for everyone in the family.  I've got insulated water bottles, geodes, barbies and pencil grips.

1 // Funtainer 12oz Insulated Water Bottle

My kids have used these Funtainer thermos water bottles for YEARS.  We bought our first one when Olive was headed to school 4 years ago and it's still going strong.  We have purchased straw replacements a few times, but the actual water bottle is still working perfectly.  They're amazing for school lunches, amazing for traveling and the quality can't be matched.  We've tried others and they leak, or don't keep ice or break when they're dropped.  We have them color coded for the kids - blue, pink and green.

2 // Pencil Grips

Fletcher is working on his pencil grips.  He uses these at school so I got some for home.

3 // National Geographic Gift Sets

Olive is going to a birthday party next weekend.  She picked out the crystal set for her friends and then added the geode set to her own birthday wish list.  They both look SO COOL!


4 // Poke a Dot Books

I mentioned these Melissa and Doug Poke a Dot books last month and they're still a favorite this month.  We've gifted them to two different sets of friends for their birthdays.  The kids baby-almost 8 love them.


5 // Lodge 6 quart Dutch Oven

I purchased this dutch oven about a year ago and love it.  I've got another one on my wish list.  I love all the color option.  It's perfect for soups, crusty bread and searing meat before you make a stew.  I love baking in and using it on the stove top.



6 // Funkymonkey Women's Comfort Slides

With over 12k reviews and several people raving about these slides for summer, they are on my wish list!  I think I'd go with the black, but the olive green is tempting.  You can't beat the price.  They seem like the perfect shoe to wear around the house, run errands in, head to the pool, lake or to the beach.



What are your Amazon favorites?

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  1. Whitney I think I'm most impressed that you guys have kept up with these water bottles!! That never happens at my house.

  2. I’ve bought 3 pairs of PillowSlides as our go-to summer sandals and we love them!
    Also bought a new Buydeem toaster that we are enjoying!
    And all our hiking supplies have pretty much come from Amazon!
    I’m excited to gift Olive the geode set for her birthday! I like the Dutch oven too! I use mine, but should use it more often! Maybe if I had one in pink I would?!

  3. My kids used to love using similar water bottles...so sturdy! I'm going to check out the shoes. Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  4. Last year, I got my son the crystal set, and it was fun to watch the crystals grow. I have the Funky Monkey sandals and white. I wore them all last summer! My daughter has a pair now too, and she loves them.

  5. Those crystal sets look like such fun! and I've gifted the Poke-a-Dot books before.



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