Friday, May 21, 2021

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  Hope you've had a wonderful week.  We've been busy with end of the year school fun, gardening, baking and prepping for Olive's 8th birthday.

Let's talk about the highlights from the week.

1 // Date night

I booked our favorite babysitters and made reservations at our favorite place.  We got dressed up, ate delicious food (crab cakes, delicious bread and pasta for me - seafood and a beer flight for Kevin), had good conversations about milestones we've reached and new goals ahead and were back home in time to put the kids to bed.  Stables is our favorite spot - delicious food in a really fun setting.  Many of the booths are in horse stalls and the restaurant has a really cool vibe.  Then we walked around campus to see all the pretty flowers in bloom.

2 // School Highlights

Olive won a 2nd grade writing contest at her school this week.  Her essay on diversity and loving people who are different than you landed her an award straight from the mayor.  She got recognized in front of her whole class, had  her writing put on display, got a medal and made the school facebook page this week.  We're super proud of her!!  She submitted her essay back in January so it was a big surprise for her to be chosen as the winner this week.  She was really proud!

Fletcher's teacher texted me this picture one day this week.  They were writing their sight words in shaving cream and he told his teacher "I might have gotten a little carried away!"  Oh Fletch.  He's the sweetest little tornado boy.  He smelled of shaving cream for the rest of the day.  I'm so thankful he's gotten to have a really hands on wonderful year of PreK.

3 // Birthday Parties

It has been so much fun to start going to birthday parties and seeing friends again.

4 // Surprise flowers

Kevin came home with these gorgeous grocery store flowers this week.  Leo gave me a run for my money one day and he showed up with flowers after work.

5 // Gardening

Our vegetable plants are growing and seem happy in their spot.  We flipped the tomato cages around the right away - thanks to my  friend Angela for telling me they were upside down haha - and we got rain several times this week.  There's always something to learn about gardening and we are trying our best.

6 // Charcuterie Boards & Boxes

I've been busy chopping and prepping charcuterie boxes this week.  I got some custom orders and then made some meals for my family.  I baked 5 dozen cookies.  MyMemorial Day/Indy 500 boxes just went up for sale.  I'm excited to kick off Summer with these patriotic boxes.  You can order and follow me at Jordan Bakery Box on Facebook or follow me in IG @jordanbakerybox

7 // Pots

My flowers pots are all filling in so nicely!!  I love the new varieties of plants the kids help me pick out.  My sweet potato vines are being attacked by squirrels already :(  I need to head to the garden center to see if I can get some squirrel repellent if I want to keep them around.

8 // Leo is climbing EVERYTHING

Every day he climbs a little big more.  He's getting so strong.  This week I found him on top of the kitchen table, kids table, the couch, the ottoman and standing on the back of the toilet.  He's wild and really could use a bodyguard 24/7.  Serious applicants only :)  And he's very very proud of all his climbing.

9 // Quick Hello

My dad stopped in for a quick surprise visit.  Fletcher got to show him his favorite climbing tree, Leo woke up in time to say hello and we all walked down to meet Olive at the bus stop.  


I hope you have a really great weekend.  The weather is supposed to be fantastic and we have fun plans.  Yay!  What are you up to this weekend?  See you back here on Monday.

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  1. I just love seeing your boards and boxes, they are so much fun! I think you found your “thing”, you are so talented and creative!

    Enjoy your weekend! It is going to be hot and steamy in Minnesota and I am HERE for it!

  2. Way to go Olive! That’s such a great accomplishment! 👏🏻 What a fun and yummy date night - good for you guys for doing that. Have a great weekend, Whitney!

  3. if the squirrels love your plants, wait until they find your tomatoes :( Don't ask how I know :(

  4. So many fabulous favorites for the week! How sweet and wonderful that your daughter's writing landed her an award from the Mayor! WTG!

  5. You know how much I love your boards and boxes!! And YAY for DATE NIGHT!


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