Monday, May 24, 2021

DIY Summer Ice Cream Buffet

We celebrated Olive's birthday with our families over the weekend and we had the yummiest dessert with my family.  We opted for her favorite treat - ice cream - to be the main menu item.  We planned a giant ice cream buffet for everyone to enjoy.

It was easily the most excited anyone has ever been about a birthday dessert at one of our birthdays.  Everyone loved it!  It would be so fun to replicate for an end of the school year party, happy summer party or any gathering you go to this summer.  People love ice cream!

We had chocolate sprinkles, regular sprinkles, mixed nuts, mini chocolate chips, marshmallows, gummy worms, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, waffle and sugar cones, spray whipped cream, hot fudge, caramel, magic shell chocolate, strawberry wafers and fresh strawberries.  Almost every topping you could want in one spot :)  I made homemade cookies and brownies and then everything else was store bought.

 I used a Sprinkle table cloth and sprinkle napkins (both from Dollar General) at the party.  I found the rainbow ice cream cups at Dollar Tree and Meijer.  It felt special to eat the ice cream to eat it in special cups.  The glitter silverware is from Walmart.

We had four ice cream options:



Mint Chocolate Chip

& Oreo

I scooped the ice cream for everyone and then they made their way through the topping buffet.

Everyone loved building their own ice cream sundae plate.  Most people overflowed the toppings onto their plates.

There were a few ice cream toppings that really stood out for me that I had give a shout out to:

Dessert Topping Mixed Nuts from Walmart.

It's a blend of 8 different nuts and they're perfectly chopped for sundaes.  I'll definitely buy this again.

Have you seen these Berryhill ice cream toppings at Aldi?  I was excited to give these a try because you get this giant 16oz jar of toppings for only $1.99.  I got the hot fudge topping and the caramel topping.  Both were delicious and got rave reviews from family.  I think they're a seasonal thing at Aldi so I'll be buying more to stock up for Summer.

The kids loved this Smucker's Magic Shell Chocolate.  It freezes instantly and makes the yummiest shell.

Would your family or friends enjoy an ice cream buffet?


  1. Yes please!!! I love this idea! My sister did something similar at her wedding reception and it was a hit then too. I haven't tried those Berryhill toppings but I will definitely add them to my grocery list!

  2. 100%! So much yummy goodness! I love that you had cones too - great idea! We love the Aldi fudge, but haven’t tried the caramel. Great idea to you and Olive!

  3. So fun! I would love to make this for my kids but they will both only eat plain vanilla. No toppings!

  4. We had a fun birthday dinner with my brother-in-law last night with a ice cream sundae bar. Such a great idea.


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