Tuesday, May 11, 2021

10 Confessions

Let's chat!  I haven't done a confessions post in ages.  If we were to meet up for coffee today, I'd have all kinds of random things to tell you and confess. I'd order something iced.  Probably an iced mocha drink. What would you order?

1 // I keep thinking we need a trampoline.  Kevin's not convinced.  Talk me into it or talk me out of it.  Also send me links if you have one you love.

2 // Everyone should have regular garage sales.  Or move and declutter often.  We had one in the Fall.  Just did one in the Spring and are planning to participate again in the Fall.  It's a ton of work, but it's good work that will give your house room to breath.  Closets and cabinets weren't meant to be bursting at the seams.  We still have plenty to purge (I'm talking to you craft closet and our bonus room) and it feels so good to make some extra cash and clear the clutter.  When is the last time you purged your house?

3 // Leo is a climbing crazy man.  He's tall enough now to climb onto the couches, get himself onto the kitchen table and he can't be trusted alone with this new level of mobility.  Isn't it funny that you kind of block out the hard phases of raising tiny humans?  Send bubble wrap asap.  Or a helmet.  Or both.

4 // Olive loved Spring basketball so much that she's wanting to sign up for Summer basketball.

Olive and Fletcher could do Summer tennis together, but they aren't convinced that's a good idea.  The only hesitation for me is the early morning start time.

5 // I love shopping at the Dollar Tree.  They've got great holiday items, candy selection, party supplies and you never know what you'll find there.  I picked up this darling cactus ring holder this week.  The quality is great.  I love having a spot to hang my rings.

6 // I burned my arm while I was baking bread for JBB orders over the weekend.  Leo moved quick and I went to block him.  I was successful at blocking him and my arm shows the proof.  Ouch!

7 // When we were at Wisconsin Dells, we were trying to find a table to claim to lay all of our stuff on.  There were stairs and separate seating areas that didn't mix well our stroller.  Kevin took the big kids and I went to find another way to get there that didn't involve stairs.  Kevin claimed a table and was getting settled.  I walked all the way around and was shocked to see Fletcher crying at the lifeguard station.  I ran over to see him fearing that he'd gotten hurt.  He was crying hard.  Wellllll it turns out he was lost and looking for US.  I felt terrible.  I assured the lifeguard I was his mom.  He vouched for me.  I hugged him and asked what happened.  He stayed with Kevin for a bit and then he followed someone who he thought was me to another area.  He then realized it wasn't me and that he was lost.  I was super proud of him for asking for help and I'm just thankful we were reunited quickly.  We all felt bad about the confusion and talked at length about sticking together, family meeting spots and how to ask an adult for help.

8 // We need to order a big load of mulch for our entire yard.  We should have done it last year, but new baby + COVID.  It needs to happen.  We planned 11 new perennial plants, need to plant all my pots and then the mulch will be the icing on the gardening cake.

9 // Olive just asked me.. "Mom, What does A$$ mean?  I heard it at school today and someone said it was a bad word."  oh gosh.  Big kids are a whole new ball game.

10 // I bought two cans of chalk paint, wax and brushes right before Leo was born.  I've got several things I want to paint, but I keep putting off all the projects.  I want to do them.  I just can't seem to get the ball rolling.

What's new with you??


  1. Poor little Fletcher. That's so upsetting for both him and you! We had a trampoline while we lived in England - kids ages 7-12. It was wonderful! When my kids were in 1st and 3rd grade, they came home off the bus and said that someone had called them Mother ---, but they said the second word with a T because they had no idea what was really being said. So sad when you see them exposed to the "real" world, even though it has to happen at some point.

  2. awwwwwwwww poor Fletcher! So proud of him for asking for help!!!!!!!!

  3. Poor Fletcher! That’s so scary! He’s a smart guy to go to the lifeguard for help! That is so awesome that Olive came right to you to ask about that word. Ahhh, I always always wanted a trampoline. Such good exercise! Jon’s dad was a neurosurgeon so it was a big fat no for him growing up, and unfortunately that carried over to our family. I *think* as long as there aren’t many people on it at once it seems like it’s safer?? Keep us posted!

  4. I love shopping at Dollar Tree too, especially for seasonal decor. I have a garage sale once every couple years. Otherwise, I donate a couple times a year to a local charity that hands out the stuff for free (like a Goodwill, but people don't have to pay).


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