Thursday, February 2, 2017

Valentine Traditions

I love celebrating all of the holidays and am always looking for ways to make the days special with my family.  We decorated for Valentine's Day, have some fun plans this month and are traditions are set.

I got the idea from my friend Beth to write a little note for each of my family members to let them know how much they're loved in the month of February.

My love note game plan:
cut out a name tag for each person
cut out 14 hearts for each person
add a handwritten note to the hearts each night
everyone wakes up in the morning to find a new love note from me

It's been fun so far and it was a free project since I already had all of the supplies. 
Confession: I surprised everyone with these hearts on their door the morning of February 1st and not everyone loved them.  I certain three-nager demanded her hearts be relocated to a different location ASAP.  So hers have been relocated to a different spot and all is well in her world. #momlife

Here are the special things/traditions
 we're looking forward to doing together as a family this month:

1. Daily love notes
2. Decorate the house for Valentine's Day
3. Send valentines to family and friends
4. Bake Valentine treats
5. Deliver treats to our neighbors
6. Do a few Valentine's Day crafts with hand or foot prints
7. Superbowl party
8. Duplo Valentine's Day class
9. Read Valentine's Day books during our daily book club
10. Valentine's Day family dinner at home 

Some favorite Valentine ideas from years past:

And you can never go wrong with some delicious chocolate covered strawberries!!  They are one of my very favorite treats.  We are planning to go to a local gourmet grocery store for a chocolate covered strawberry demonstration this month.  They're supposed to be famous for theirs so I'm excited to learn some expert tips!

What are your plans for this month of LOVE??


  1. I do the hearts too. I actually just put the kid's second heart on their doors for when they wake up. Your recipes are amazing. I want to make all of them.

  2. Ok- so we pretty much do the exact same traditions for Valentine's/month of February. I have a little red mailbox for each of the kids- and every day, starting on Feb.1- I leave a little love note or small treat in their mailbox. On Valentine's Day- I set a fun and festive table and they each get a couple treats. Easy and fun- which I love!! And confession- I forgot to put out their mailboxes on the night of Jan. 31- so I was told MANY times yesterday I forgot by my loving children. Ha! Getting them out today along with our Valentine's decorations! Have a great day friend!

  3. Thank you for the fun ideas! I love the idea of a small batch of homemade cinnamon rolls...can't wait to try it!

  4. So Fun!! I may just have to start this idea a few days late!!

  5. You have so much fun with the holidays! I am envious, really. I wanted to do something this year but February just came so quickly and I was totally unprepared.

  6. So fun! I had to laugh when I read about the threenager moment. This year I have been putting the girls hearts around their door frames and every morning they say Thank you mommy for my heart. It is just the sweetest.

  7. Chocolate covered strawberries are my FAV! All of these are fun ideas. We are going to do some crafts, bake heart cookies, add red sprinkles to our ice cream, wear our Valentine clothes, send Valentine cards, and read Valentine books. I need to plan a special Valentine dinner...that's a great idea!


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