Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Wardrobe Must Haves

It's been a long time since I blogged any of my outfits or about fashion in general.  I found it much easier to take outfit pictures when I was teaching and dressing up every day.  It's trickier to photograph cute outfits for the blog when I'm getting dressed and going out during the day.  I can't really rely on a three year old to take my pictures so I'm trying to be better about snapping pictures in the evening or on the weekends when Kevin is home.  My sweet husband will happily... well maybe it's not his favorite thing to do, but he knows it helps me out... take my pictures.

I'm currently wearing a lot of:
cuffed skinny jeans
floral print
peplum tops

It's so easy to throw together a cute outfit when you use this formula.
Great top + skinnies +accessories + booties
You just can't screw it up!!

// 1 //
Flowy Floral Tops
I find myself adding more and more beautiful printed tops to my wardrobe.  Old Navy has some realy pretty ones for Spring.
top - Old Navy (NEW)
scarf - Marshalls
leather earrings - Nickel & Suede
skinnies - Old Navy Rockstar
booties - Lucky

My sweet helper wanted in on the pictures.  We both have clothing in this print and get lots of compliments every time we wear them.  We haven't worn them at the same time yet, but you better believe that'll happen soon :)

 // 2 //
Pattern Mixing & Peplum
Stripes and florals are some of my favorite patterns to mix.  It's easy to put them together when you've got coordinating colors and it adds some interest to your outfit.
top - GAP
vest - Sams
scarf - TJ Maxx
skinnies - Old Navy Rockstar
rose gold bow earrings - Kate Spade
booties - Lucky

// 3 //
Animal Print & Stripes = Another great pattern mixing option
cardigan - Kohls
top - GAP
skinnies - Target
gray booties - Meijer
glasses - Lucky
bow earrings - Kate Spade

Do we have any outfit favorites in common??

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  1. UM. Everything about you is adorable and I LOVE your outfits!!! Hands down your top that matches Olive's dress is my FAVORITE. SO cute!! You can rock a scarf so well!! I am a freak and feel claustrophobic when I wear scarves- but I always admire other women when I see them wearing them- because they always look so CUTE! Hope you have an awesome day friend!

  2. Such fun tops! I love that you and Olive have matching prints. I would totally rock that at the same time!

  3. I love all your pattern mixing! And old navy does have some amazing floral prints this spring! I love the matching dress Olive is wearing!!!

  4. Oh the stripes and the peplum make me so happy! Now if I could just find some floral. I need to make a trip to the mall to look around.

  5. Love seeing your outfit posts! That's how I found your blog 5 years ago! :) I adore your cute outfits - and I really love the stripes/animal print look. I'm not sure I would've thought of that, but it is so stylish! And I love your booties and jeans too. Looking fab, Whitney!

  6. Loving all your outfits and your sweet little helper!! :)

  7. My outfit practically every single day is black or denim skinny pants, a solid colored top, a cardigan is a fun print, maybe a scarf depending on the temp, and booties. I got some great new jewelry pieces from Plunder that I am loving right now. I also wanted to say that I'm loving your hair!

  8. LOVE all your outfits! I need to pick up some lightweight printed tops for spring. I love your stripes with your green vest. As I said on Instagram, I hadn't realized how long your hair had gotten. It looks SO pretty!

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  9. You look adorable in all of these looks, alongside Olive! Your clothing formula is awesome and I must agree it's hard to mess up lol.

  10. Super cute! These are all outfits I would wear!

  11. Perfect fail proof outfit formula and such fabulous looks you put together with it! You and your sweet helper are too cute! xo - Brenda //

  12. Love all your outfits! I will have to get that floral top! I am in love with it!

  13. Can you come dress me everyday? Haha. I wear leggings and boots at least 3 days a week because I have no motivation to get dressed.


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