Monday, February 13, 2017

Last Minute Valentine

Happy Monday!  Hope you had a great weekend.  The weather was mostly lovely in Indiana, but I didn't feel good all weekend.  I guess taking care of sick kids all last week means that I had to spend a few days taking care of my sick self by the weekend.  Thankfully, we are all on the mend and looking forward to a fun week.

I have a few last minute valentine ideas to share with you today.  They're all simple to pull of and you could definitely make them happen in time for tomorrow.

Pick up some Valentine Corn - but don't eat any yuck!! - and print off some Valentine printables from Totschooling.  Then your kids or students can practice their letters, counting, sorting and more!  We've been playing these candy games on repeat this month.  

Turn any food you're eating into heart shaped foods!
Your family will LOVE it!!

Pick up some Valentine donuts for your family.  Our local donut shop makes heart shaped donuts and they take preorders to make sure people get them.  Olive looks at the case of donuts and requests the donut with the most icing.

Gather your Valentine's Day books and read them a few more times.  Our library still had lots of them on the shelves so we picked a few new ones to check out this week.  Fletcher was very interested in this Happy Valentine's Day, Mouse! book.

Just add some festive sprinkles to anything you're doing - pancakes, cookies, muffins, ice cream, etc.

I've been doing a love note a day for my family this month, but you could easily write out all the things you love about your spouse, boyfriend, kids and post them somewhere fun.  Maybe decorate their steering wheel, bathroom mirror or hide some in their coat pockets.

I realize there are plenty of you out there who are trying to eat healthy or whole30ing it right now.  Good for you!  Don't feel left out with all of the sweets - just bake pretend ones with your kids!  It's super entertaining and calorie free :)

Take charge and make the plans for your family for Valentine's Day.  Take advantage of local dinner specials, grocery store deals and make a delicious dinner for your family.  Qdoba is offering a BOGO dinner special in our city tomorrow so I think we may be getting some Qdoba take out for dinner.  It doesn't have to be super expensive or fancy to be special.

Happy (almost) Valentine's Day!


  1. Your yuck comment about the candy corn made me laugh. Ha ha! Love all of your ideas! We are pumped to get heart valentines tomorrow. :)

  2. I think we have the same stash of Valentine sprinkles. I also love that you said but don't eat any, yuck! That stuff is SO gross. But good to craft and play with.

  3. This was such a fun post! You are SO good at making your loved ones feel special. Olive is going to grow up being a master baker just like her mama!

  4. I love how special you make everything. Your family is really lucky!

  5. We're staying in tomorrow night, but we got some yummy cheesy breadsticks to make and I think I'm going to pick up some cupcakes!

  6. I get to spend the holiday with Connor (James is traveling for work) and we are going to celebrate Valentine's Day together with pizza and a movie :)

  7. Those donuts look so good! Where in Indiana do you live!? I just moved to the state back in August from Texas!

  8. Olive has a pretty solid donut strategy. That's what I do, too, haha.


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