Thursday, January 16, 2014

Heart Explosion Cake Topper

My husband loves sweets so he requested his favorite cake to celebrate making it to the half way point in his internship year.  I was happy to make a cake and wanted to make a fun cake topper.

You'll need the following supplies for this project:
2 types of straws cut in half
scrapbook paper
heart punch
red washi tape
red and white twine
glue stick

I just started punching out hearts, layering them and gluing them together.
No rhyme or reason and each heart pick was different.
Add washi tape to some and twine bows to others.
There's no right way to make your own heart explosion.
I used 10 picks of hearts to fill the top of the cake.
It was a three layer cake so the explosion of hearts was a nice pop of color on my tall dessert.

 You could easily do this for cupcakes or a cake.  It took less than 30 minutes to make all of the heart picks and you could definitely have your little kids help you make hearts.


  1. How cute..I love it! I am now following you on bloglovin. Follow me back if you wish!

  2. how cute!! What is his favorite cake?

  3. Wow, this is adorable! I love the mix of sizes and colors, and especially like the addition of the washi tape!

  4. Wow! This is *amazing* - you are incredible creative! And Congrats to you husband!

  5. Oh, I freaking love that! I MUST use this on Valentine's Day for the husband :)

  6. SO cute! That reminds me, I need to pull out my Valentine's Day decor! Just wanted to say hi and that I am a new follower. Cute blog :)
    Hope you'll stop by mine and follow along with our family of 3.
    - Christina

    The McGuire Family

  7. This is so perfect for Valentines Day! I just pinned it onto my Valentines board. Thanks for linking up this week to our Lovely Ladies link party :)
    -Molly from Just a Little Creativity

  8. Really cute!!
    I am co hosting Fluster's Creative Muster Link Party and I want to thank you for linking up!!


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