Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Lovely Projects

I have some lovely projects to share with you today that are perfect for this time of year.  They'd be great for Valentine's Day and you've still got a week to do them.  I also did some foot print art with the kids yesterday and you can head over to instagram (@polkadottyplace) to see how they turned out.

Heart Canvas
I went to a fun women's event in my area last weekend with a friend and we each painted our own canvas.  I loved making the lines with thin masking tape and filling in the white spaces.  The paint colors were pretty and we had a great time.  I opted to make a heart out of mine so that I could display it every February.  Everyone's art looked so unique!  It was fun to see the assortment of finished paintings and it was wonderful to sit for two hours, paint and chat with a friend.  I came home and my family was proud of my painting skills.  Kevin went on to call me Whitney Ross all weekend.  I don't think this is a very Bob Ross type of painting though :)

I have a few different chalkboards around the house and they're the easiest thing to update for the holidays.  I have used them for a few years so I already have all of the supplies.  It's easy to search Pinterest for ideas or just make up a design of your own.  This is my Valentine's Day chalkboard this year.

Painting Projects:
I picked up two painting kits at Meijer for Valentine's Day and we had a great time painting them.  They were on sale for $2 each and everything is included - wooden cut outs, paint and small paint brush.  They come in twos and come with four colors of paint.  We did one color at a time, I helped a little and then I added magnets to the back of them.  They're living on our fridge now and I plan to use them for Valentine's Day each year.

You could DIY some Valentine garlands for SUPER cheap.
I made these a couple of years ago and still use them now.

And if you'd rather make something lovely to EAT,
these heart shaped cinnamon rolls would be perfect!
You could easily do them with homemade cinnamon rolls like I did or buy a can of Cinnabon cinnamon rolls that are rolled up just like real ones.

It's time to link up with my favorite Tuesday Talk ladies.
We've got two new faces - Stefanie and Lindsay so be sure to say hello and link up!!
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  1. Such fun projects! Love the canvas heart. So cool! And Olive painting is adorable!! Goodness!

  2. Love your canvas painting! And so excited to make those heart-shaped cinnamon rolls… We have them every Saturday and I know my girls will love it if I make them into a heart!

  3. Whitney Ross! :D I might've laughed out loud at that one! Too funny! I love your painting and Olive's painting too! Your chalk boards always inspire me - you're so good at lettering :-)

  4. I can't keep my eyes off of that canvas of yours. It turned out SO pretty and the colors you choose look amazing together. Great job friend.

  5. You are set for February for sure! I love how your painting turned out.

  6. I LOVE that canvas! Such a great idea to tape it off like that! I've seen on Pinterest where you can tape off a canvas in the shape of something and then have your kids fingerpaint all over it. Then just lift the tape when they're done and you have a sweet little design with their painting all around it.

  7. I LOVE that canvas! I want to do one and that heart is perfect for this month. What a great way to spend time with a friend and now you have a piece of art also. You always have cute ideas. I put my regular stuff for Valentine's Day this year. We haven't even made any Valentine crafts but I don't we will this year. My goal is to make heart Valentine cookies. If we do that then I'll call it a win.

  8. I'm loving all your hearts! That canvas is good all year long!

  9. I love all of these! That painted canvas is so cool!

  10. Send some of the cinnamon rolls my way pleaseeeee! :)


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