Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Dark Chocolate Bites

I used to HATE dark chocolate and some time during the last few years my taste buds have changed.  Maybe it had something to do with all the hype about dark chocolate being good for you that I can now justify snacking on it or maybe it's because I have discovered my favorite ways to eat this snack.  Either way I have a delicious recipe to share with you.  I kind of hesitate to call it a recipe since there are just a few ingredients, but trust me on this one, you'll love it if you are a fan of dark chocolate.

You'll need:
a bag of dark chocolate chunks
your favorite dried fruits 
(apricots, cherries, craisins, banana chips & blueberries)
your favorite nuts 
(cashews, almonds and walnuts)

Chop up the apricots and lay out the rest of the ingredients.

 I was lazy, errr I mean resourceful, and melted my chocolate in the microwave.  It took about 1.5 minutes with me taking it out to stir it several times.  I also grabbed my smallest cookie scoop so I could scoop out the exact same amount of chocolate each time.  I scooped the chocolate out onto tin foil and did about 6 scoops at a time.  Once the chocolate was on the foil, I used the back of the cookie scoop to spread the chocolate out into a bigger circle.  Wish I'd taken a picture of that for you, but alas I only have two hands :)

Now comes the fun part - start adding the toppings onto your chocolate cirlces!!  It went fastest for me if I did all the almonds at once and then the banana chips and so on.  Be sure to pile on as many fruit and nut goodies as possible!!

 Let them dry for 1-2 hours or until they are completely set.
They should easily peel off the foil and be ready to be plated.

 We have almost finished off one batch of these and I'm planning to make another batch or two to share with my neighbors for Valentine's Day.  They were so easy, are adorable and taste just as good as they look.  You could easily substitute your favorites on top of the chocolate and do it with milk chocolate if you aren't a dark chocolate fan.  I'm going to add more apricots and salty cashews next time.


  1. Oooh....dark chocolate and dried cherries! You are a genius. :)

  2. These look sooo good, and easy. Pinning!

  3. these look so delicious! i will have to try this! :)

  4. You have combined all the things I love (dark chocolate, nuts, fruit) into one yummy treat! I can't wait to try it!!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. That looks pretty yummy! Thank you for linking up to Party Time and we hope to see you again next week!


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