Thursday, February 23, 2017

DVR Run Down

I am so thankful for our DVR.  It makes it possible to watch all of my favorite things after everyone goes to bed at night.  I can't imagine trying to time our plans around watching my shows live.  I know we all did it for years, but man is it nice to just set things to record.

I thought I'd share my DVR run down with you today.  I look forward to watching in the evenings a few nights a week.  It's great to fast forward through commercials, delete episodes that don't look particularly interesting and watch when I get a chance.

Whitney's DVR Run Down:

Grey's Anatomy:
I didn't start watching this when it first came out, but thanks to it being replayed regularly I got caught up quickly.  Now I look forward to watching it each week.  I love all the drama and my husband loves hearing a weekly update of the show.  He isn't interested in watching it though :)

Fixer Upper:
Chip and Joanna Gaines have become household names and their show is wildly popular.  I love watching the new episodes and seeing how they make over spaces.  I wish I had a green thumb like Jo and I love how they mix old and new things together when they decorate.  They do things I didn't even know were possible and I love watching them work together.

Counting On:
I know the Duggars are kind of controversial these days, but I still love seeing what their kids are up to.  It's fun to see what they are getting involved in as adults and all of their different interests.  I think Ginger's wedding might be the prettiest one yet and am excited to watch the wedding episode.

The Pioneer Woman:
I enjoy her recipes and watching her cook.  Olive loves watching with me because they're always showing farm animals and life on the ranch.  I know she mispronounces spices, says the same adjectives over and over, but I still enjoy seeing what she's up to in the kitchen. 

The Voice:
I really love watching The Voice and love watching the coaches interact.  It'll be fun to see the dynamic change with Gwen being back this season.  Blake is my favorite coach and I'm looking forward to Luke Bryan helping him out.  I think they're both funny and the coaches are just as interesting as the singers to me.  I've marked my calendar for the new season to start next week.

A Chef's Life:
I really like watching this PBS cooking show about restaurant owners trying to make a name for themselves and their restaurant.  They do everything local and work hard to include their family in the process.  They also cook with interesting ingredients, go out to visit their local farmers and I end up learning about cooking and facts about the produce in the process.

Modern Family:
We like to watch this together in the evenings.  The family dynamics, the ongoing story lines and then embarrassing things keep us laughing.  I think the show is super relatable, easy to watch and gets funnier every year.

The Goldbergs:
If you grew up in the 80s or around then you'll likely think this show is hilarious.  It's funny to see them bring things back that we used to love and the fashion is great.  Kevin and I both like watching this one.  I can't believe every episode is based on a vintage video clip from a real life family.

What shows do you enjoy watching?
Do you DVR them?


  1. Fixer Upper is my fav!!! Love Chip and Joanna. My mom and I have visiting Magnolia Market on our bucket list. I'm a huge fan of This Is Us. You should try that show out.

  2. Love Fixer Upper and the Duggars! The daughters are so beautiful!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. Great choices! My husband and I really like The Goldbergs. It's so funny! I really loved Couting On! Jinger and Jeremy are the cutest couple!!!

  4. I love the Goldbergs too! Oh my goodness, it makes me 80s nostalgic! I've never seen the Duggar's show, but I think I would like it. We're modern family fans too, but somehow got out of the habit of watching it. As a family we love the British Baking show, and of course Fixer Upper! :D

  5. I really need to get into watching Fixer Upper on Netflix. Especially since I could watch it with my girls and they LOVE those kind of shows.

  6. We don't have cable, but I know I would love being able to DVR a few shows each week! We are way behind on NCIS and having it recorded would be so nice! It's funny that you like A Chef's Life - I didn't realize that was a national show. Since they are from North Carolina I assumed that it was just on our local PBS stations. It's on ALL the time on our PBS channels so I get a little annoyed with it. LOL. I love Martha Bakes and Martha's Cooking School on PBS. It's always fun to see what other people enjoy watching!

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  7. Lol my husband and I are the same way with Grey's Anatomy! He doesn't want to watch, but he likes hearing my reenactments of the storylines lol

  8. Fixer Upper, The Pioneer Woman and Modern Family are all on my DVR, too!

  9. Have you watched This is Us yet? SOOO SOOOO good!!
    Also a huge fan of Counting On, currently watching (and crying through) the wedding episode. She is gorgeous!


  10. Love Fixer Upper! I have watched Grey's from the beginning! I love it!!

  11. I'm bummed that the old episodes of Counting On aren't on demand. I'm behind, and I can't watch episodes out of order!

  12. I, too, love the Duggars. It is definitely on my DVR. I am SO sad that the season finale has already aired. HAVE to watch This is Us!!! It is SO good!


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