Thursday, October 24, 2013

Olive + Oliver

Our first born cat is 5 and his name is Oliver.  He's a healthy 20lbs, loves to eat and is very nosey.  He's shy, I'm his favorite person and he forgets how big he is (ie he still tries to sleep on my pillow at night like he did when he was a kitten).  He hasn't been so sure about Olive joining our family despite our pep talks.  I think he longs for the days of having our undivided attention, snuggles and not having to share. 

Olive cries and scares him, her stuff is everywhere but she does have a comfy crib that he has been caught napping in and he tries to steal her rubbery teething toys.  I envision them being good buddies one day probably sometime after the toddler/tail pulling/rough housing stage when Olive is gentle and wants to snuggle.  However, I think we are making progress in the sibling department.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...
 Olive has recently started noticing her cat brothers and watches them closely so she was excited/proud of herself to be so close and I was excited that Oliver tolerated it.  We didn't even get any protesting meows.
 PS Where did my little baby go?!?!  Olive looks like such a big girl.

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