Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Favorite 3-4 Month Toys

Olive LOVES her toys so I wanted to recommend a few of her very favorites to you.  The following toys are her top picks for other 3-4 month olds. 

Any wrist rattles.

The Graco swing has been a favorite since she was teenie - look how big she's gotten.
Olive @ 1 week
 Olive @ 17 weeks

 Her soft bunny

 The boppy is still our friend.

 Her Bumbo seat helps her sit up and interact with us.  I put it in the kitchen when I'm cooking and in the bathroom when I'm getting ready in the mornings.  She loves to feel included and the Bumbo is really portable.

Sophie tends to bring out the goofy baby faces.

 Her taggy ball is so fun!

Car seat toys are a must these days.  The seahorse plays soft music and lights up and the zebra has very fun attachments on his legs that Olive things are delicious.

Her interlocking rings, blankets on the floor and her playmat are Olive's favorite hang outs.

 Are there any toys you can recommend to Olive?  I'd love to know your favorites.

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