Sunday, October 27, 2013

I think my cat is depressed...

My little orange kitty just hasn't been himself lately.  He's sleeping more than usual, hiding out in our bedroom, only coming out for attention once a day and just keeping to himself.  I'd noticed it but hadn't been too concerned until my psychologist of a husband said something about it.  He commented that he should get Topher some kitty prozac because he seemed to be depressed.  Poor Toph Toph!  He's been through a lot of changes in the past few months - new baby, moving across the country, new house and new surroundings.  So in lieu of medicating our kitty, which we would never do, I started making efforts to give him attention, play with him and make him feel loved.  We always joke that his love language is TOUCH so I started trying to hold him more, pet him and invite him to sit on my lap.  

 We've also told his big brother to give him some extra LOVE.
 I'm not exactly sure what Topher's caption of this would be...
Mom loves me more than you
I'm her favorite
Thank you for entertaining yourself so that Mom's lap is finally free
I wish I was still the baby of the family
I love you little sis

Topher seems to be responding really well and loving the extra LOVE.  He's out and about more during the day, meowing more like he used to and being curious about what's going on at our house.  I'm hoping the early signs that I'm seeing are indicative of a turn around in his kitty depression!  I still need to find his box of toys and get them out for him and I have been giving him some extra kitty treats.


  1. Poor kitty! Hope he's back to himself in no time. Looks like the extra love is working. XO

  2. Aww, poor sweet kitty! I'm sad to hear it! You are such a good mama to him. In the photo where he's laying on the white blanket and looking at you, there is serious love in his eyes. :) Keep us posted on how he's doing.


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