Monday, October 28, 2013

Mom Myth #2 Photogenic Children

People post pictures of their kids on-line all the time, everyday and on all social media sites.  You are bombarded with adorable shots of babies getting into trouble, being sweet, sleeping, eating and shots of them doing all the things cute kids do.  The trouble comes when you try to get that perfect shot of your kiddo and you come to realize that very rarely does the perfect shot come as a result of snapping just one picture.  Yes, there are those times when all things in the universe smile down on you and your first shot is a keeper, but in reality, it takes patience and several attempts to get a frame worthy shot.

Olive is pretty photogenic but now that she's moving and more mobile many pictures are blurs of hands waving, heads jerking, eyes closed and it takes a lot of pictures to get that perfect shot.  I'm pretty stubborn determined so I am usually up for the challenge of getting a good shot.  I just hope that no one is peeking in my windows to see the goofy, slightly crazy woman uttering all kind of noises, songs and laughs that are  required to get my baby to smile/look at the camera.

Let me show you what I mean:
 The outtakes:

 The outtakes:

All pictures of my baby make me smile and sometimes the outtakes are just as much fun as your favorite shot.  So just remember that when you see an adorable kid pic on-line, there were probably ten times that many outtake shots to get the perfect postable shot.


  1. You are exactly right!! I love the outtakes too and can't delete them! Our computer is getting full and my husband tells me to just delete the "bad" pictures. Excuse me, there are no "bad" pictures of our baby- lol!!

  2. Haha, I love that I'm not the only one who takes a billion pictures to get a few excellent ones. I love them all though and can't delete them.


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