Monday, October 21, 2013

Candy Corn Cake Toppers

We planned a little celebration for Friday night because my husband was finishing up his first internship rotation.  He requested Buttermilk cake, going out to eat and a movie at home.  Done!  I wanted to spice up the usual cake with a fun cake topper.  Something fallish, fun and celebratory was in order...  I had all the makings for pieces of candy corn and so my theme was decided.  I also had candy corn colored sprinkles so it worked out perfectly.

You need:
 3x5 orange index cards,
orange striped 4x6 index cards,
yellow post it notes
glue stick
mini alphabet stamps
stamp pad
washi tape
drink stirrer straws
 The orange cat is optional but he'll be interested in this DIY project.

 Cut out a triangle template in the solid orange index card.
Stick the sticky strip on the post it notes at the bottom of the triangle and trim off the excess.  Put a circle of glue at the top of the triangle and cut a mini triangle for the top.
 Let them dry for a few minutes and select your letters to be stamped.
 I choose CELEBRATE because it was perfect for the occasion.
 I let them sit for about 30 minutes because I didn't want to smear the ink.
 Cut the straws in half and use a small square of washi tape to secure the straw.  I taped the straws at the same height and in about the same position on each piece of candy corn.
 Designate the prettiest side of your cake to be the front.
 Lay out your toppers to figure out spacing and to ensure that you spell your work correctly.
 Start placing the toppers on and keep in mind which letter is the middle.  If you know where your middle should be, you'll be able to keep things spaced out and not run out of room.  I staggered the pieces of candy corn and make sure that you could read each letter easily.
 The washi tape makes the back of the cake pretty cute.

 My husband said this was my cutest cake yet.
I was really happy with the finished product.
The toppers were really easy to remove and left the cake in tact.

 I enjoy baking and feeding people treats 


  1. This is ADORABLE!!! And, you are just the sweetest wife ever!

  2. I love candy corn, such festive and bright colors. Using them a a cake topper is creative.

  3. How fun! And the orange cat is a perfect touch :P


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