Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Downtown Chow-Down Food Truck Festival '13

One of our goals for getting to know Little Rock is to go out and DO things!  I keep my eyes peeled for signs advertising fun things, check out local festivals and my husbands' co-workers keep us informed.  We heard about the food truck festival months ago so we had our calendars marked.  We made plans and woke up that morning to a major thunderstorm.  Like pouring rain and not very conducive to strolling around main street eating food.  So we watched some football and tried to regroup.  As we were doing this, the sun came out and we decided to brave the wet weather.  

I'm so glad we did because we had a great time people watching, checking out all of the food vendors and sampling food.  We walked up and down the street to scope out the food options and to see which trucks were popular.  You could spot them pretty quickly because they had long lines.  We each picked a food we wanted to try and then went to our respective lines.

Funny side story:  Kevin was wearing his Utah Jazz t-shirt and some random guy came up to him and said, "You like Jazz?!?!"  Kevin was a bit confused and mumbled something like "Uh, Yeah.." and must have looked confused so the guy pointed to his t-shirt.  Kevin said, "Oh this is a Utah Jazz basketball t-shirt because we used to live in Utah."  The guy was really disappointed that Kevin didn't share his love for  Jazz music and walked away.
I went for a funnel cake and Kevin opted for a chicken pita of sorts.  Both were tasty and we enjoyed chowing down.  Attending the festival made us want to try out Food Truck Fridays downtown for lunch.
 Main Street
 Olive enjoyed her first Food Truck Festival :)

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