Friday, February 3, 2012

100th Day of School

Yesterday was the 100th day of school.
I LOVE this day and look forward to it.
I plan a whole day around the number 100.
We spell, read, write, do math, games and art with the theme of 100.

Take a peek at what we did.
1. White paper and I cut out a set of 1-0-0 for each child
They had to disguise their 100 in their art.
 2.Found these cute highlights and headlines from 100 years ago.
The Titanic sinks, Taft was president, Life Savers invented, Girl Scouts founded, etc.
3. We also compared prices of things from 100 hundred years ago to now.
They LOVED this!
 4. 100 Penny Grab
Each child had a chance to grab exactly 100 pennies with one hand.
I had two students get 99 and one get 100.
The kids counted their own pennies and grouped them by tens.
 5. When I am 100...
My mom found this super great idea at her school and shared it with me.
I had these great scrapbook letters for the title.
We did them one letter at a time since spacing is an issue for kids.
They came up with HILARIOUS things to say about when they were old...
 6. I dreamed up this idea... make 100 using only themselves.
They couldn't use props and everyone had to be included.
It was fascinating to watch.
Some jumped in as leaders, others were derailing the plan, 
and others just waited to be told what to do.
It took them 7 or 8 minute but they finally figured it out.
Can you see the 1-0-0?
 7. Edible 100s
 8. 100th Day Sudoku, poems/songs, word games.
9. We wrote about what we would do with "$100 Grand"
I had a hard time finding these little candy bars this year.
Luckily, I had a very generous teacher friend find them for me.
10. 100 piece puzzles
We filled the hall with all of the fun things we did today.
Many of my students said today was their favorite day of the year 
or thanked me for planning such a fun day for them!

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  1. You are an awesome teacher. Love all the projects! :) Mom


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