Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How to Become a Great Thrifter

I've talked a lot about new newfound hobby of thrifting.

Here are my thrifting tips for you:
1. Visit your local thrift stores often.  
They are constantly putting out new merchandise.

2. If something doesn't have a price on it, make an offer.
I just got this new purse for $2 from Goodwill.
It wasn't marked so I offered $2 and they accepted.
 3. If something has 2 prices on it, point it out and ask for the lower price.
I got this frame recently.
It was marked $1 and $0.50.
They let me have it for $0.50 :)
4. Take your time.
You have to walk through the store several times 
to be sure that you've really seen everything.

5. Check out all departments.
You never know what treasures you will find that you weren't looking for :)

6. Guard your cart.
This sounds silly but I've had people start shopping out of my cart before!

7. If you buy any clothing, fabric, etc.
Examine it VERY closely for stains, rips, missing buttons.
Some of those issues are quickly fixed
but it's no fun to come home with a stained, icky item.

8. Try things on.
You never know how good or bad something will look until you try it on.
Jackets and tops are easy to slip on over your clothes.
Skirts can usually just be held up to your waist.
*This should happen no matter where you are buying clothes from!

9. Think outside of the box.
Can the item you are eyeing be spray painted,
repurposed for something else, etc.

10. If you like something, put it in your cart right away.
You can always put it back on the shelf if you change your mind.
If it is a real treasure, it probably won't sit on the shelf for long.
*I'm having flashbacks to two cute cookie jars that I passed up on my first glance 
and then someone had snatched them up before I could go back for them.

11. DIG!
You are going to have to dig through a lot of junky things to find the best.

12.  You'll often find things off season but don't let that stop you from purchasing it.
I've bought summer things in winter
or in preparation for holidays that are months away.

13. Inspect all glassware or ceramic items really thoroughly.
You don't want something that is cracked or broken.

14. Get rid of things.
If you are thrifting and bringing home things, 
you should also be purging and getting rid of things you no longer want or need.
No need to show up on an episode of Hoarders on TLC!
It's really convenient, if you are going thrifting at Good will or DI 
you can drop off your donation items before you shop.

15. Try to go thrifting on a weekday
because weekends are much busier and more crowded.
It's hard to dig when you are surrounded by people.

Happy Thrifting!!


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