Sunday, January 29, 2012

Eat Well Everyday

Here are the healthy foods I fixed this week:
1. Healthy Nachos:
Lots of lettuce, tomatoes and jalapenos
a few chips and a little refried beans
2. Quesadilla Explosion salad at Chilis
Dressing on the side please :)
3. Spaghetti Squash
 Cut in half
 Scrape out all of the seeds and insides.
This was a little tough.
 Drizzle olive oil and salt/pepper
 Bale cit sides down at 350 for 40 or so minutes.
 Let cool so that you can handle it.
Use a fork to scrap out the stringy squash.
 Scraped clean.
 One spaghetti squash would sever 6-8 people.
 Honestly, I didn't love this squash but Kevin did.
I think I'll prepare it with other veggies or top with marinara next time.
4. Lima beans
 5. Teriyaki glazed salmon
My favorite way to fix salmon!
I coated both sides and fixed on the stove top for 15 or so minutes.
I loved the teriyaki baste and glaze on the right.
 6. Steel cut oatmeal
with 2 pks of Splenda and peaches.
7. Homemade Brown Bread
Lots of yummy foods :)

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  1. It all looks yummy. It has been a while since I fixed spaghetti squash and they are hard to cut! I am impressed that you have such variety on a daily basis and try so many new things. I have a recipe that I copied from one of your cookbooks for the steel cut oatmeal and cooking it in a crockpot overnight. I have not tried it but I know it takes a while to cook. Wish you lived closer so we could help you eat all of that delicious food. :) Mom


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