Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Everyone Needs a Nana

Do you have a Nana?

I didn't have one until I got married.
My Nana is Kevin's mom's mom.
We always have Christmas lunch at her house.
I enjoy her tinsel covered, sparkly tree.
My students typically don't know what tinsel is 
so Papa gave me a handful of tinsel to take back to Utah with me last year.
 We met Nana & Papa for lunch one day while we were home.
They call us "The Love Birds" but
 I think that their 57 years of marriage makes them the original love birds.
They met on a blind date 59 years ago and both agree it was love at FIRST sight.
 Nana loves sweets just as much as I do 
and brought us some Gooey Butter Bars to have for dessert. 

Nana's motto is "EAT!"
and she always has an abundant supply of treats
ready to serve to anyone that stops in to see her
along with a fresh cup of coffee.
 She makes Springerles for Kevin too at Christmas.
It's an old family recipe that I should probably learn to make one day.
She makes them by using handcarved springerle molds
that have been passed down from generation to generation in her family.
They are pretty but I don't care for the Anise (black licorice) flavor.

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