Friday, January 13, 2012

Baby Changing Table Guest Post

I invited my friend Jacque to guest post today.
She has painted A LOT of furniture in her day
and I wanted her to share some of her tips with you:

My good friend Aimee is getting ready to have her first child (a girl!) 
– and because I enjoy re-doing furniture 
I offered to help revamp anything for the nursery.   
 Aimee found this changing table 
at a local baby consignment shop (Baby Corner) for $50.

In an ideal, money-is no object world 
- Aimee liked the Genevieve Changing Table from Pottery Barn Kids 
- so I used this as my inspiration.

I began by lightly sanding the piece down with a handheld sander 
(if you don't have one it is a life save!  I will never sand by hand again!) 
Mine is from Menards and I bought it on sale for $12.

My husband helped me cut out the wood from the door 
with one of his power tools.
One of my New Year's Resolutions: Learn how to use power tools!
I filled in the resulting crevice with wood putty.
I let this dry for several days, then sanded it down.

I purchased cane webbing from an on-line store.
I measured, cut and then stapled it into place.

I made sure the changing table was free from dust and dirt.
Then applied a light coat of spray paint primer 
to insure the paint would adhere to the entire surface
(especially since this piece was part wood and part pressed wood).

Allow this to dry for 24 hours and it's ready for paint.
My friend, Courtney, is an expert furniture painter.
She LOVES Wal-Mart's Country White in semi gloss.
3 coats later (24 hours in between coats) I was ready to distress!
When distressing a piece I choose corners and edges - 
anywhere a piece of furniture is going to naturally get wear and tear!
I utilize my sander again for this task.

The changing table came with a pad insert 
and Aimee chose a beautiful home decor fabric for her curtains, 
changing table, and other accents to match her
I sewed the cover with an envelope back 
with ribbons on the inside corners
to insure that she would be able to wash the cover.
Directions for an envelope backed pillow can be found here 

Finally, a new knob (from Hobby Lobby) 
and baskets from TJ Maxx completed this look.

Take a peek:

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