Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year for Kids!

I came across this cute idea on Pinterest to ring in the new year at school.
I showed it to my mom and she bought these cute noise makers for my class.

My students were excited to be back at school on January 3rd
and I capitalized on it by doing several fun projects.
 My guideline for them:
 On the count of three, we all blew our noise makers to make the project official.
I should have closed my door because 30 noisemakers were LOUD :)
 These are hanging outside of my classroom right now.
Pretty cute party goers!
 These goals/resolutions made me chuckle:
 Then we made webs of 10 or so important events that happened to us in 2011.
The kids LOVED reminiscing about the year they had.
 I'm planning on putting these in their writing portfolios.
 Happy New Year!

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