Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Geometric Monsters

I came across this idea for shape monsters
and knew that my students would LOVE it!

I let them choose what shape they wanted the body of their monster to be.
Octagons, ovals, rhombus', pentagons, diamonds, etc.
I underestimated how hard this would be...
almost every one of my 29 students needed help cutting out their shape correctly.
I tried to convince them that I wasn't superwoman;
I wouldn't be able to help them all right then.
So we wrapped up the project early on Day 1 
and decided it was best if we all walked away from the project for a bit.

Enter Day 2 and a better attitude for everyone,
I finished helping those who still needed help 
and then we discussed ways to accessorize their shape monsters.
I supplied the paper and give them an outline of expectations:
They loved my pentagon monster :)
I also try to squeeze in writing any time I can, 
so I had them write a little bio for their shape monster.
Their challenge was to incorporate 
as many shape vocabulary words as possible into their bio.
 Kids at Work:
 Each monster turned out SO different.
I loved seeing their little personalities come through.
 The whole shape monster crew.
Pretty adorable, huh?
Who says geometry can't be fun?

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  1. I had a parent pre cut several shapes with card stock. The students just grabbed the shape they wanted, traced them on construction paper and cut it out. Made it pretty quick


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