Saturday, January 14, 2012

Snickers Peanut Butter Cookies

Thanks to Pinterest I found this recipe for yummy Cookies.
I love Snickers so it was a no brainer to give this recipe a try.
 I tried something new... baked my cookies on parchment paper!
I worked out well.
 I only made half the recipe for a total of about 20 cookies.
 They are pretty cookies.
 I snarfed down a few and took the rest to school to give away.
Everyone loved them!
Whitney's Tips:
These cookies were much better the next day.
They were chewy and delish.
You could add more PB to the recipe if you really like it.
I also added extra flour to mine.

I'm linking up with Six Sisters' Stuff:  Strut Your Stuff Saturday today.


  1. YAY for using parchment paper!!!!!!

    1. I did enjoy it and you would enjoy these cookies :)


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