Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What I've Been Wearing

The holidays were busy and I got dressed in pretty cute outfits 95% of the time.  I rarely had time to take individual outfit pictures so my real life snapshots will have to do for capturing my looks of the last few weeks.  I'm loving the colder weather and enjoying cardigans, scarves and getting to wear layers.  Bring on winter in Mississippi!!

 1. Christmas Eve
top & cardigan - Old Navy (NEW)
Olive's dress is GAP and her headband is from Hobby Lobby

2. Christmas Day
dress & shirt - Old Navy (NEW)
chew beads - ebay
earrings - Francesca's
boots - Target
Olive's dress & tights are from a boutique in Jackson

 3. Blanket Scarf Bandwagon
scarf - Target
cardigan - Old Navy (NEW)
Olive's sweater was a gift and it quite possibly the cutest thing ever.

 4. Church & Mexican with my family
scarf - Marshalls
chambray top - Old Navy
Say hello to my sis :)

 5. Roadtripping
flannel top - Old Navy
earrings - Limited
hello Topher :)

 6. Doctor's Appointment
top - GAP outlet
scarf - GAP
earrings - Francesca's 
glasses - Lucky
bracelet - Kate Spade

7. Another Doctor's Appointment Bathroom Selfie
sweater - Old Navy (NEW) which I'm obsessed with!!
chambray shirt - Old Navy
earrings - Francesca's
Olive's wearing Old Navy too :)

Which outfit was your favorite??
Thanks for stopping by my blog!!


  1. Always looking classy! Olive is cute arm-candy. But I LOVE the cat in the background picture. :) XOXO

  2. Super cute pictures! I wanted to let you know that Christmas morning I made your cinnonman roll monkey bread and it was a major hit! It is super easy to make and tasted fab!

  3. Love your flannel too! And Olives cute little smile!

  4. I love your new old navy sweater in the last pic! I also love how you've worked your chambray into a few outfits...thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Doctors office bathroom selfies = hilarious!

  6. You look nice even when road tripping! #youremyhero :) But seriously, I'm loving that blue and black checked shirt. But, also your new old navy sweater! Love!

  7. Lovely outfits! You have great style! Thank you for joining the Trendy Wednesday blog link up.

    Classy Yet Trendy


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