Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Coastal Eating

I always look forward to trying new restaurants when we are out of town.  Kevin had a conference in Gulfport back in the Fall so he had a few places he was eager to recommend.  We got in town around 8:00pm and decided to try going out to dinner.  Olive's normally in bed at 7:30, but we were feeling brave and hoping she'd be hungry and happy to be out of the car.

We headed to Shagy's and it was really fun.  It's right on the water, they have a big menu for seafood lovers and not and the staff was really friendly.  They also gave the kids chalkboards and chalk to entertain them at their seats.  Olive was in heaven.

The food was tasty and they have very large portions.  I got grilled chicken nachos and shared with Olive.  Kevin got fish and fries.  Both were yummy.
They had TVs, fires going and it was a great little restaurant.

We also tried McElroys after several people recommended it to us.  The restaurant sits very high above the water and has wonderful views.  We went for breakfast and I had to order beignets (been-yays) to give them a try.  They seem so southern so I didn't want to miss out on these biscuit/donut deep fried covered in powered sugar deliciousness.  Our food was good, the views were great and it was a nice breakfast spot.  Olive did lots of coloring and we walked out on the deck to enjoy the view after we ate.

 One biscuit here = 3 regular sized biscuits

We also did some easy, chain restaurant meals - pizza picnic from Papa Johns & drive through McDonald's for breakfast.  


  1. These places look yummy! It's always fun to try out local places to eat.

  2. Still dying over how good those beignets look! Sweet Olive looks so sleepy in that first picture! How far are yall from the gulf?

  3. I just read an article in Southern Living about the White House Hotel in Biloxi. It looks pretty cool - even just to tour if you didn't want to spend the night there. Just thought I'd mention that for your future trips (unless this is old news to you!).


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