Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Biloxi Bound

We realized a few weeks ago that we had a free weekend coming up and decided to make the most of it.  We planned to head down to the Mississippi coast and enjoy the sunshine.  We stayed in Biloxi and originally just booked one night and then added a second night on as the trip got closer.  We had a great time, enjoyed the sunshine and loved exploring our new state.

We stayed at The Four Points (very nice, clean, new, updated and super comfy king bed) the first night and The Quality Inn the second night (great beach access, not as new, not as clean and not as nice as our first night).  I loved our first hotel and wish we had stayed both nights there.  Noted for future trips to the coast.

 We stopped in the lovely visitor's center to plan out our day.  Everything was decorated for Mardi Gras and Olive loved seeing all the decorations.  Homes had Mardi Gras wreaths on the doors, all the restaurants were decked out in the colors and they seemed ready for the big celebration in just a few weeks.

 We explored the whole place, got into some mischief and headed across the street to see the cast iron light house and walk out to the ocean.  Olive enjoyed pushing buttons, climbing stairs and hearing her squeaker shoes echo throughout the place.  It's not the most kid friendly place so we didn't stay long.

 We walked up and down the beach and Olive took a little nap in her stroller.  It was windy, temps near 60 and all the locals were dressed as though it was going to snow at any minute. 

Nap time was before our check in time so we opted to go for a scenic drive along the coast.  I picked out several dream homes, we admired the big trees and took in the sights.  It was amazing to see how much rebuilding was still taking place after hurricane Katrina came through town.  I did not realize how much damage occurred in Mississippi.  We did a bit of shopping and walking around after Olive's nap.  Grabbed a quick bite to eat and then got ready for some more fun.

 We went back to the hotel, put our stuff in the room and then walked across the street to the beach.  The sand was pretty packed down and the water was chilly, but that didn't stop us from having a wonderful time.  Olive was confused as to why we wouldn't let her get in the water and we eventually caved letting her stick her feet in.  We played in the sand and visited with all the families/puppies that strolled by.

 We were standing in front of our hotel and enjoying the view.  The trees were really spectacular and the views were amazing.  The beach was right across the street!!

 It's crazy to me that we are only 2.5 hours from the beach and we have vowed to take advantage of that fact.  It was an easy road trip especially when we are used to our regular 8.5 hour trips.  I'm looking forward to heading back to the coast in the near future because there are several things we didn't get to do on our first visit.

We made it home Sunday afternoon just in time to squeeze in a fun walk and play in our backyard.  January in Mississippi has been really lovely. 


  1. Thanks for sharing the pics from your weekend! Living in South Carolina, I forget how pretty the beaches are down there. So glad you could get away with your sweet family!

  2. We did the same thing on a warmish weekend in October. So glad you guys had fun!

  3. Looks like you all had a fun week-end.. You are such a sweet family and we are so proud of you....Love Gram

  4. I wish we lived close enough to the coast for a weekend getaway! The pictures of Olive trying to get in the water are funny:) And I hate choosing hotels to stay in. I'm so picky about them, but still want to get a good deal.

  5. I love that Kevin is holding onto her hood, haha. Looks like a fun weekend trip!

  6. This whole trip just looked so wonderful! You have to save the one of Olive's name in the sand. Looks like you guys had a good time. I could use some warm and sun.

  7. She is so stylish! and that photo of her sleeping is precious!!! I love her headband, do you mind sharing where it's from?


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