Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Are you a Paper Planner Person??

Are you a paper, planner person??
Say that three times fast :)

I've been a paper planner person for the last 20ish years.  I've used one since junior high and I'll likely be using paper planners when I'm eighty.  I love having everything written down and there's no chance of anything getting accidentally deleted :)  I have had a lot of success using this type of organizer so good luck convincing me to switch to something else!

My friend, Jacque, introduced me to Gallery Leather planners 10ish years ago and I've been sticking with them ever since.  They are large enough to write down anything you want, but are not bulky.  They come in tons of colors and have multiple cover options.  It's my standing Christmas gift from Kevin each year.  He loves selecting my new color for the year and writes a special message on the inside cover talking about all the exciting things the new year will bring.  I could easily do without any other Christmas gift from him as long as he keeps the planners coming.  This year he got me a NAVY one.

You can find them on-line, on ebay, TJ Maxx, Marshalls or bookstores.
You can go directly to the Gallery Leather site to see the version of a planner that I use.  It really is the best.  Monthly calendars in the front and weekly calendars for the rest of the year.  Plenty of room for daily to do lists, it lies flat after using it for a few weeks and there are tons of blank pages in the back for birthday gift giving lists, wish lists, project lists and Christmas shopping lists.  Basically, it's a list makers dream come true planner.


  1. I'm so a paper planner person!! I just do better with things listed out right in front of me!

  2. I have every intention on being a paper planner person, but won't write everything down...i'm trying real hard this year to be that person!

  3. I'm a paper planner person all the way. I tried so hard to be okay with just the google calendar and other phone task lists - but I just like writing things down and crossing them down.

  4. I JUST switched back to a paper planner this year and so far I love it!

  5. I'm a paper planner person in theory and then manage to lose my planner almost every year. And it's so sweet that Kevin writes you a note. I hope you save them!


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