Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Are You Familiar with Wall Decals?

I've been noticing wall decals taking over the world.  Well, the instagram world anyways.  They seem to be a popular choice in nurseries and bedrooms and I'm intrigued.  The option of having temporary decoration that could easily be removed when you are over it sounds very appealing.

I have a half bath downstairs that I think might be the perfect spot for some wall decals.  The walls are light gray and I'd love some fun details on the walls.  I don't think I could commit to a large room, but this tiny bathroom seems like the perfect spot for a POP of print, or rather, decals.

I'm thinking about polka-dots... shocking, I know.

I've found some great decals and a few, fun stencils.
Here's what I had in mind...

polka dots 110 pcs 1 in X 1 in wall decal or any smooth surface

Dotted Madness 5"x5" Stencil

Set of 251 GOLD & Any 1 Color Polka Dot Circles Vinyl Wall Graphic Decals Stickers dot large mixed lot

Self Adhesive Polka Dot Pattern Vinyl Wallpaper D116

So my questions for you are...
Have you ever purchased wall decals?
What did you think?
Were they as easy to remove as suggested?
Any shops to recommend to me?
Any tips I should know before jumping in?

Many thanks & much love!!


  1. We did one for Kane's nursery in our other house (when we had 2). It peeled off the paint in some places, but I think that's because they didn't use primer between the sheetwall and the paint. I love those gold polka dots!!! I could see placing those around some sort of word decal.

  2. We used them in college. Got them at Lowes - but they sell them every where. Ours came on and off no problems! We left them up for a year and never even came close to sticking to the paint.


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