Friday, January 2, 2015

The Best

There's always a post Christmas let down and this year was no different.  We got to spend 10 days with our family and then traveled back to Mississippi.  We came back with colds/sinus infections for everyone so this week has been a bit of a drag... literally.  I'm hoping we're all on the mend or we will have to schedule some doctor appointments for next week.

The best parts of our week were:

1. Olive's 2nd Christmas was a blast - her Christmas dress was adorable, she loved opening gifts and enjoyed all of our family gatherings.  We have had so much fun playing with all of her new toys.  We had a great Christmas in Indiana and loved getting to see so many family and friends.  She loves riding in her cozy coupe and waves bye to us all day long.

 2. I picked my new word of the year for 2015
 I'm going to work hard to ENJOY all the big and little moments of 2015
What's your word of the year?

3. I wrote my final post on Thank You Notes for Mississippi Women Bloggers this week.  It was a lot of fun to be their Miss December!!  Have you written your Christmas thank you notes yet?  I wrote mine on one of my favorite Christmas gifts - a personalized notepad for my family.  Don't let them intimidate you - I have a really easy thank you note writing formula for you to follow.

 4. We were ready for a holiday detox after Christmas so I went to the store and stocked up on fruits and veggies!!  I found this great mix of tomatoes and we've been eating BIG salads every day.  I also got a new cutting board that flexible and so handy.  It also happens to be adorable.  Win-win.  Here's to healthier eating in the new year.

5. Olive turned 19 months old this week.
She's as busy as ever and has so much personality.
It's quite entertaining to listen to all of her new words and see her new skills each week.
I guess I need to start making some plans for her 2nd birthday since it's only 5 months away - eeeekkkk!!

6. We rang in the new year at home in our pjs and it was lovely.  I made an easy dinner and then Cinnamon Roll Monkey Bread for dessert.  It was delicious.  Here's my recipe.

Hope you have a great weekend!!
Happy New Year!
Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  1. Happy New Year!! Your daughter is too cute. That monkey bread looks so yummie.

  2. Enjoy is a great word for 2015!

  3. I love that your daughter's name is Olive; that's my beloved grandmother's name and I just love it. "Enjoy" is a great word!

  4. Great post! From the Style Elixir linkup. You're invited to the Trendy Wednesday Blog Link Up, every Wednesday!

    Classy Yet Trendy


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