Friday, January 23, 2015


My first confessions of 2015...

// I was grocery shopping with Olive and an older woman approached me.  She said, "What a sweet little BOY."  She went on to tell me to savor the moment because they grow up so fast.  Then she told Olive that she remembered when her son was her size.  She was probably in her 70s so I didn't correct her and just explained to Olive later that it was the polite thing to do.  I guess I'll have to work on making her look more girly and wear more pink... haha.  I snapped this picture of Olive right after the lady walked away... seems like a girl to me.

// Olive loves cinnamon toast for breakfast.  I woke up extra tired on morning and was trying to whip up some breakfast for her.  I buttered her warm toast and then started shaking the cinnamon sugar shaker on top.  I couldn't figure out why only the sugar was coming out so I shook harder.  Only to wake up and realize that I was SALTING her cinnamon toast.  Darn it!  I threw the whole thing away and started over making sure to grab the correct shaker this time.

// We were at Sams sometime in December and I was trying to buy my holiday stamps there to avoid having to make a second stop at the post office.  I put the little stamp card up on the conveyer belt and told the cashier that I'd like 5 sheets of holiday stamps.  She scanned the stamp card once and then went off to get my stamps.  Turns out they only had regular stamps and not the holiday ones.  I told her that I wanted the holiday ones so I'd just get them elsewhere.  She pressed a few buttons, totaled my purchases and I swiped my card.  I left and didn't think anything about it.  Later that night I was looking at my receipt and noticed that she didn't actually remove the stamps from my bill and I overpaid almost $20 on my bill and didn't even notice.  Olive was being feisty in the cart and was over the shopping trip so I am going to blame the faux paus on her... I'm a good mom like that :)  So I headed back to Sams to try to explain my story and convince them that I didn't get my stamps.  I rehearsed my story and was prepared to go to battle for my $20.  Turns out the manager didn't think my story was a bit odd and very quickly refunded my money.  Hallelujah!!

// I confess that I've learned that baby wipes remove pen from skin and as well as Sharpie.  Olive learning how to uncap pens and markers puts me on high alert around all office supplies for obvious reasons.

// Olive got a fun alphabet toy for Christmas.  It's magnetic, has about 30 pieces that stick to the fridge and she currently enjoys throwing the magnets onto the floor more than the actual intended purpose for the toy.  I was tidying up during naptime and I confess that she's already lost 3 letters for it and by lost I mean probably thrown away.  She's learned how to throw things away for us when we say something is trash.  I think she's gotten a little over zealous and decided feeding the trashcan is her new favorite game.  I'm guessing by the time she's ready to learn her letters, she'll be down to just a handful of letters rather than 26.

// I feel like I've had a runny nose and been congested for about a month.  I'll be better for a few days, think I'm recovering only to cough my head off the next night.  Poor me and poor hubby who has to listen to me.  I confess that I've yet to find a family doctor in Mississippi so I technically don't have a doc to go to without getting a whole physical.  So I've just been moping around and not doing anything about it.  I even contemplated asking Olive's pediatrician to look at my ear that was hurting.  Lame.  I really should spend some time finding a doctor.

// I started feeding the squirrels and birds in our backyard.  They love it and have turned into quite the HOGS.  I fill the feeders with bird seed, peanuts and suete cakes.  They love all of them and drain the feeders dry in no time.  I didn't intend to add all woodland creatures to our weekly grocery bill so I'm going to have to train them to slow down by filling my feeders less.  The neighborhood cats also seem to enjoy all the wildlife I'm attracting.  Thankfully the cats are just watching the action and have yet to do any hunting.

// We stopped in the local library to check out their DVDs one Friday evening.  Exciting date night - huh??  Well we picked out a few movies that looked good and Kevin went to check them out.  I followed tornado Olive to make sure she didn't clear any bookshelves.  My phone started buzzing because I put it on silent since we were in the library.  I whisper answered it in an area of the library that was a ghost town and was swarmed on my a nasty librarian in 1/2 a second.  She told me I had to immediately leave the building because no phone calls were allowed in the library.  I was trying to talk to my neighbor, corral a now screaming Olive who didn't want to leave and I marched us outside making far more noise than my phone call was making.  I get the rule, but this lady made me feel like a horrible person.  It might be a while before I'm eager to go back and I'd imagine that librarians like this definitely don't promote a love for reading/spending time in the library.

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Anything awkward or embarrassing happen to you lately??
Please tell me I'm not the only one :)


  1. I love cinnamon sugar toast! There is no other way to eat toast.

  2. I relate to so many of these! I've decided sweet little old people commenting on my precious boy are really just commenting at how precious she is, whether she's a boy or not! So I smile and say thank you :) And thumbs down for crabby librarians. I understand the rule too, but sheesh!! At least you were whispering.

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  3. My 3 year old salted his pizza thinking it was Parmesan cheese. Salt is mischievous.

    I can't believe that happened to you at the library! That would make me less excited to return for sure. :(

    My girl is called a boy too. People tell me it's from lack of hair. Like I had it all cut off.. ? I don't know.

  4. I would be the person asking my child's pediatrician to look at my ears. Ha! I have lived in SC for almost 9 years and I have never had a family doctor. If anyone needs to get on the doctor hunt, it's me!

  5. So, Olive doesn't look like a boy. At all. She must've forgotten her glasses or something. I hope you start feeling better and have a great weekend!

  6. Depending on the surface, nail polish remover (or solution with acetone) can remove Sharpie. And Olive doesn't even look like a boy without a PINK headband.

  7. I couldn't put more pink on Olivia and people would say 'he's so cute' - I think until they have a lot of hair, some people just look at the clothes. Drives me nuts. Ohhh nooo with the salt - it's hard to be expected to be functioning prior to coffee. :) That's so funny that Olive throws so much away. Maybe it's easier to learn letters if there's only 7 instead of 26? I think it's this January because I have been sick too - stomach bug, virus, horrible cold, and before this cold is over, I got pink eye. How does that happen? Ready for Feb.


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