Friday, January 9, 2015

Green Grime Eraser

 Please tell me that I'm not the only person who wants their white siding/garage door to actually be WHITE!?!?  It bugs me when I see grimy doors and I know it has to bug others, too.  

I figured that I'd give my little magic eraser a try since it works so well indoors and I could easily reach these areas of my house.  I just used a bowl full of water, hose and one magic eraser.  I also did this project BEFORE the freezing temps arrived here.

Start at the top of the grime and work your way down.
Hose off periodically to check your progress.
Be sure to remove all the grime.
Less than 20 minutes later and you're siding/garage door will be sparkling!

Before:                                                    After:

 Happy scrubbing :)


  1. Yes!! The door off our carport is white and I'm always struggling to keep it clean. The red clay always wins! I just use a household cleaner, but I'll have to try your trick. Thanks!

  2. The Magic Eraser is worthy of all praise. I just need to get my house pressure washed though!

  3. That looks awesome! Definitely too cold to do that here (like -20 something!), but sounds like good spring cleaning :) Love the magic erasers!!

  4. I love the magic eraser!! I thought we needed to paint the white part of our stairs again - but the eraser took it all off!


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